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  1. Asweet Jes added a post in a topic prepaid huge quota   

    You paid more and you get more, those really want huge data, postpaid is the better choice for them.
    i don't think prepaid is enough for huge data consume.every telco are same
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  2. Asweet Jes added a post in a topic postpaid ?   

    yes...nowadays too much package for consumers, even myself also changing few times from prepaid to postpaid, later on from postpaid to prepaid. its like the starting you will have very services but then will slowly drop and going worst
    celcom actually quite ok if compare to others, i feel it is the most stable. even i went back to hometown kampung area still able to receive message within seconds, but my another digi phone will have delayed like few minutes to receive whatsapp or wechat, sometimes more terrible until i switch the screen turn it on then only it will starting receive message. 
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  3. Asweet Jes added a topic in Entertainment   

    postpaid ?
    which package you all subscribed? feeling slow recently? or only myself 
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  4. Asweet Jes added a post in a topic prepaid telco user   

    how is the availability for this boost top up compare to 11 street?
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  5. Asweet Jes added a post in a topic any recommendation for air-cond?   

    Daikin ? quite cool and nice. my home all is daikin
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