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  1. haaa , i heard too bt playing in mobile ok meh ? i more prefer playing in pc lor , more comfortable with clear big screen thn mobile..playing wit mobile makes me tensed up ony lerr too small lor..games play in pc is exciting n cn focus lor
  2. hey guys , i am looking for a modern type home appliance for a newly married couples house whch really a modern deisgn house . So for tht , i als prefer to buy an home appliance wic modern design to suits the hse design looks modern ...like a fridge ? washig machine ? or aything elect things ..wic brand should will be ok and modern ?
  3. just before a mnth i am applied to maybank credit card ...thy offer attractive benefits and privileges ..may be u cn try maybank also ... mybe u can look ambank credit card also,coz they offer many priviliges too.each bank offer quite same priviliges..but ambank the only one credit card that combine with bonuslink card. so while u swipe credit card, the advantage is u can collect point too. yes , i heard abt it too . i am will discuss wit my fiancee and apply it .. but is that got any specific shopping mall can use tis car or any store and shopping mall also cn use it ?
  4. Recently I just received an email from Ambank, they having 2 in 1 card which combine with bonuslink It cover the travel insurance too.just nice for honey moon oh thats good, thanks for the infor ... but can i use this card while at overseas ?
  5. Ya, but you should know expenses of wedding not that cheap so get a credit card it can lesser the burden ... As we can pay later..
  6. i am looking for sign up credit card since my wedding is near..need to do purchasing alots of things ...its very hard to withdrawal money and go for shopping n i feel not very safe , so planing to get one credit card , bt thn dnt knw which bank's is having good offering on credit cards... is there any using credit cards peepz.?? any suggestion ???
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