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  1. Hi all link has been sent thanks
  2. vanessaj, link has been sent :)
  3. Hi mail has been sent to your given add thanks
  4. Dear All, i have sent you the link with a package detail. :)
  5. personally, at least you have to invite your parents & best friends to be on that special day.. not just 'two of us'............
  6. my wedding band is from Cartier too...not trinity though. i'll vote for Cartier over Bvalgari
  7. can i view them too? :) please mail me at hayanna_kl@hotmail.com thank you!
  8. Hi Tempura, i've sent you a mail :) your Rom at Amanda? wow congrat. mine was near that too :)
  9. Hi Tempura, would you give me your email add? can't seem to send you a pm..
  10. Dear both, link has been sent. Gracy, i've sent you with the package details too. thanks~
  11. tempura, i have sent u a pm.
  12. hi both, webpass has been granted. thanks :)
  13. I agree with rosemk. I had my make up done with Dong Dong and she did really fantastic job. everyone compliment me with hair & make up. I wish I could bring her on my AD but she doesn't work freelance. i don't know how to post pics here too or else could share.. or if u want to c my photo, pm me yah. will shall send the link. hope it helps!
  14. for me, they didn't even ask me to review the design before they get the albums n passed it to me. so u guys are better than me! but it's okay lah, as i'm happy with their photo in cds. but then, nvm, the albums are already under the table, collecting dusts..aiks. (n we've been married for only 2 weeks) :P
  15. hi both of you, link has been sent to your email add :)
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