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    What food to eat when gray hair into black hair?
    What food to eat when gray hair into black hair?
    1, walnut dip
    1000 grams of walnut meat, soaked in cold water 3, remove the skin after removing the tip. Then, the amount of sugar into the pot, stir until dissolved into walnuts, cold after eating. Take 2 pills 10 times a day.
    2 、 mulberry paste
    Fresh mulberry 1000 grams (or dried 500 grams) washed, boiling water amount, take 1 times every 30 minutes, and then fried water, take 2 times. Combined decoction, and then concentrated in small fire, and then more viscous, add 300 grams of honey, boil a cease-fire, cold standby bottling. Pour 1 tablespoons of water each time in boiling water.
    3, hair UFA powder
    Black sesame, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, respectively, stir fry, grind into fine powder, add milk, bedtime milk or boiled water a small spoon. Diarrhea should not be used.
    4, black sesame, walnut candy
    500 grams of granulated sugar, 250 grams of black sesame seeds and walnuts each. Stir fry black sesame and walnut meat. Red sugar put pot, suffering a small fire to a thick, black sesame, walnut add and mix thoroughly, namely the ceasefire. The porcelain plate hot coated with sugar poured cooking oil, to be a little cold, sugar will flatten, divided into small pieces with a knife, after cooling into black sand in sugar. Edible at will.
    5 sesame paste
    Black sesame, rice ratio is 1: 1.5, the first black sesame washed, dried, the stir flavor, but not Chaojiao, then dip 1 hour meters have been removed, mixed, and black sesame with the grinding, grinding 2 ~ 3 times, then gauze, water filtration, filtration repeated several times, to slag, plus the amount of water can be boiled sesame paste, sugar consumption. With the benefit of the stomach, the prevention and treatment of white hair effect, and can keep the skin delicate.
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    What do you eat that grows fast?
    What do you eat that grows fast?
    1 、 dark green vegetables
    Spinach is the first choice. If you don't like spinach, broccoli and Tang Woju (beets) are also a good choice. Spinach is the best source of vitamin A and vitamin C, these two vitamins are essential components of synthetic fat, and hair follicles secretion of oil, is a natural conditioner.
    2, beans
    Such as beans, beans and lentils, is an important part of a healthy diet hair. They provide not only protein rich in hair growth, but also iron, zinc, and biotin, which can make hair brittle and broken.
    3 walnut
    Walnuts contain alpha fatty acids, a type of W-3 fatty acid that helps to care for hair. Walnuts are also rich in zinc. Cashew nuts, pecans, almonds are also rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency tends to cause hair to split and fall off, so you must include nuts in a healthy hair diet.
    4 poultry
    Chicken, including the rich protein in Turkey, can help you get the desired healthy hair. Lack of enough protein, or a low intake of protein, causes hair to bifurcate; severe protein deficiency can lead to changes in hair color. Poultry can also provide iron, and poultry proteins are high quality proteins that can be absorbed and utilized by the body.
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    The cleaning method of the wig is as follows
    Here are some of the things we should pay attention to when wiping the wig:
    1, wash the wig to use warm water
    Wash the wig, the first wig with shampoo wash, and then placed in warm water (15 to 30 degrees is better) plus soak for 15 minutes, water temperature overheating to reduce the life of the wig.
    2, absolutely not available washing machine wash
    A strong turn of the washing machine may cause the wig to fall off a lot.
    3, shampoo to be soft
    With a small amount of soft shampoo with hand scrub, should not be too much force, not a long time soaking curly hair extension
    4, natural wind dry low temperature wind dry
    After cleaning, can not use the washing machine to dry, with a dry towel after the natural dry or low temperature wind dry.
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    Wig cleaning steps
    Wiping hair with a special combination of wigs comb (with steel teeth comb), MM Note, curly hair, then, in addition to bangs and head straight place, the other volume of the place is best to use the handle straight, can not use comb.
    Wig cleaning steps
    Place the wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time can not be too long, too long, hair easily fall off; another million is hand wash yo
    First put the wig on the wig on the special bracket, and then for a pot of water (usually cold water wash, if the winter MM are afraid of cold, then you can not use more than 30 ℃ warm water wash also), and then use the wig Of the washing liquid into the water and stir well, remember that you can not scrub Oh, only need to gently grasp the hair can catch a ha, after all, we wig with their own Hair Extension or a different Kazakhstan, can not be ravaged The
    After washing it for a pot of water, rinse with water, and then wiped with a special care solution soaked out.
    Wig cleaning steps
    Will wash the wig, placed on the wig special bracket above, with a dry towel (2-3) the wig on the water to dry.
    Wig cleaning steps
    Towels after drying the water and so on the hair naturally dry on the shelf. To be placed in a cool place to dry naturally, not sun drying.
    To be wig dry to Jiucheng, the hand gently grasping a hair, and then use a wig for a comb to the wig bang and head comb.
    For a good wig, if you do not need to wear, but also spray a little spray oil
    Wig cleaning steps
    When the wig is completely dry, with the hair net will be washed off the wig set, into the breathable plastic bag can be sealed
    Save the wigs to wash, and wigs must be placed in a relatively dry place to save
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  5. added a topic in General Topics   

    how do you wear a wig?
    First step: will a set in the neck position, make the hair all over the net outside.
    Step two: then the net pulled to the head position, to ensure a hairline and edge position fit, then the other end up all the hairnet, hair into a mesh, a knot in the head of the above.
    Step three: then go ahead with the wig in your head. Remember, the order of the dress should follow the order from the front to the back, and put all your hair into the wave wig's head.
    Step four: finally adjust the wig, bangs and eye position, and tidy up the whole shape, so that the wig and your head in good condition "fit" together!
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    what kind of wedding dress do you more interesting?
    Wedding design can be divided into minimalist, romantic, gorgeous and elegant four categories. The wedding dress in the style can be divided into Princess type, Peng skirt type, close fitting type and queen type four categories. The design of dress princess with the main skirt and multilayer yarn, the bride looked lively and lovely small yet well behaved woman; characteristics of skirt type wedding is a bodice, tighten the waist and full skirt. The waistline can be just at the waist, or slightly lower, or even near the hips. This style of dress is equipped with stereotypes with petticoat; personal type wedding is very simple, according to the narrow tailoring placed body curve is minimalist design, don't slip mostly with excellent sense of drooping fabric. Close fitting type wedding dress can be said to be the most prominent style in all the wedding dresses, and the most modern style of cutting. Fishtail wedding dress in the knee or slightly lower open skirt is variation version this wedding dress is the most common type of wedding queen; high waist is the most distinctive feature of the wedding. Fitting close to the chest, the skirt was slightly A - shaped full shoulder and chest line, but also have a good effect on the waist and hips to hide. Minimalism, minimalism, and lines are often the best way to highlight the qualities of a wearer, and how to use simple lines to emphasize one's strengths is one of the great learning of minimalism. The exquisite tailoring and high-grade fabrics is minimalist excels, it can very well reflect the grade and quality of the wedding, the bride in the crowd for talent shows itself, independent of the character of the bride.
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