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  1. dear all, my edd is end of this monyh, my CL just told me that she need to undergo an operation and have to reject my job.....can anyone recommend? it's hard to find a CL so last min... thanks in advance
  2. i know i should relax but just can't help pressure myself....my smaller breast can only express few drops after pumping for 15 min just now, oh gosh...
  3. yes, my period was came last month after 7 months of BF, i know it will coz the supply drop but how come the supply wont increase after that? i have oat and fenugeek drink alternately everyday, it just boost up extra 1oz after i start taking taking from 4oz to 5oz. my supply is very low all the while, now even worst... i hope can BF another 4 months, till my boy is 1yo....
  4. dear mummies, my boy refuse my boobs when he is 6 mo and recently my supply drop till very low and almost dry up. since last 2 weeks, i can only manage to pump 3oz every 4 hours, then gradually drop to 2 oz every 4 hours, 2 days ago i only manage to get 0.5oz. Is that possible to re-lactate again? how can i increase my supply again?
  5. hi ocean, I did my monthly check-up in a private clinic and delivered in govn hospital. First you need to check the hospital accept walk-in case or not, some govn hospital accept it but some reject and need you to register before hand. Regarding the medical record, you may request from your gynae.
  6. janicelly, thanks for all your advices, today is getting better, my boy willing to drink every 4 hours although still fussy when getting him to drink....i think he just prefer BF, so regardless what bottle we use or what is the content inside the bottle, he starts crying once he see the bottle...maybe after these few days he slowly realized he has to drink from bottle when his mummy is not around. finally i can smile and phew... :) congrats yivoon, finally back to normal life... for me i am quite relax during my confinement, i can rest more and eat well, but right after confinement i start to feel the stress for being a full-time mother although just for 3 months, i didn't get enough sleep and having irregular meal time bcos taking care of my boy alone at home. Now even more tired after back to work. But all this worth while whenever i see the little one smile to me. ops, didn't know cannot eat cabbage...I try to avoid whatever serve cold coz i try few times and my boy have loose bowel though he didn't feel stomach upset, i ate sashimi and the same thing happen so since then i avoid all cold food. No coffee/alcohol, no junk food & fast food also, other than that i eat as usual.
  7. hi ceetee, Gina is so cute~~~ especially with sun glasses...she has same birthday as me...hehe
  8. you can get breastflow feeding bottle from carrefour too.... but i try drinking from the bottle, it makes me draw lotsa air b4 getting the fluid.... i ended up letting my girl use it with the blue base removed, ie like conventional bottle... worried she might get colic from it... thanks janicelly and ceetee, will go to carrefour tomorrow to get the bottle, hope it works... today my hubby pressured me again as my boy refuse to drink for 6 hours, spoon/syringe doesn't work for him. my boy doesn't cry much today, when my mum try to feed him he just sleep again, but for sure he is hungry already... since i back to work last week, i noticed my boy no longer has chubby face and didn't gain much week as before although he reaches the milestone...
  9. ashandrea, so how your MIL/hubby manage to feed your baby? my hubby willing to feed baby in the middle of the night when i'm doing night shift...i know he just worry when baby didn't drink for many hours, but what you said is correct, why have to pump out as i can direct latch on?
  10. my mum only able to feed him when he cries till too tired and almost fall asleep, but then once he sleep he doesn't drink and my mum dare not to wake him up, just let him sleep, and wait till he wakes up again and repeat the same thing, cry..tired, drink a bit then sleep, the vicious cycle just go on and on
  11. evaa, this is what i read from a book. "Asian Parenting Today" Common symptoms of a colic baby: 1. may look uncomfortable or appear to be in pain. 2. may arch her backs, draw up the legs to tummy, become red in the face and pass wind. 3. cry and be fussy anytime especially during late afternoon and night. 4. has restless sleep. and some food to void if we suspect our baby having colic eg: dairy products, eggs, citric fruit, tomato... colic easily affects baby for the first few weeks and goes after 4 months, some even last to 6 months, so i cut all dairy products and even oranges...
  12. AngelT, yes my mum thought wanna give solid food to my boy if he still didn't drink much milk, but i insist to wait till he is 6 months old.
  13. chocolate and cheesecake are all my favourite...but i cut all dairy products before that to avoid colic in my boy, i think now can eat again... hehe
  14. wow janicelly, BRAVO!!! hope i can do it too.... now only 14 weeks, long way to go.
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