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  1. Sorry but I think I better post this as a separate thread to warn other potential ring buyers when buying from Le Lumiere: Had a very bad experience with Le Lumiere Gardens. Their resize job was terrible. Just look at the pics below. First picture shows the egg shaped ring after resizing. Second picture below is a collage of the original (bottom pic), resize (middle pic), and fix attempt (top pic) of the resize. Middle pic shows the milgrain pattern virtually polished off, while the top pic shows their clumsy attempt of trying to recreate the milgrain but is is still obviously not uniform. Now they are telling me that I need to pay extra if need to remake with new stones if the stones are higher carat. When asked why cannot reuse the existing botched ring's stones, the salesperson even had the gall to say might scratch the stones...WTH...are the diamonds fake? Their operations head by the name of Mr Teh called me to say that the most is they are willing to offer a full refund. I told him explicitly and even the Gardens branch salesperson (Tedd) before this that I need the ring for my pre-wedding photoshoot by the end of July. I was told they are willing to let me use the ring for the photoshoot first. But today I got another call from Mr Teh saying that the ring has been sent back to their factory overseas (which is likely a fake story as they can't be that efficient) and that they are unable to let me use the ring! Mr Teh still had the gall to repeat the offer of making a new custom ring at new rates should the stones be bigger. Told him that is none of my concern as the mistake is by their company and the customer should not be made to pay for their mistake. So the only other thing that he can offer is a full refund. I also reminded him that technically the damaged ring is our property as it fully paid and who the hell gave them permission to send it back to their factory out of the country without informing us? :ranting: Straightaway the same evening drove to Gardens to scream at the branch people for mishandling this case and had them call Mr Teh there and then. Seems like they are still adamant with only offering the full refund. Guys, please spread this far and wide (make it viral on your facebook pages etc) and warn others not to buy from Le Lumiere if your ring requires a resize. You will regret it if you do! Bad customer service like this should not be taken lightly. I was wiling to give them a chance to resolve the issue when it first happen (the egg shaped ring) but they made it worse and worse.
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