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  1. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    i called them second time alrdy, what they tald me is they will sent people come to my place and checked. But she didnt say when will come, i just worry they still forget to come...
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  2. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    may b i really bad luck that time, hopefully the next time i report my problem, i can get a good staff to help me. What i want just settle my problem quickly, so i can get back my good connection.
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  3. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    How do i report my problem? call them? are they respond immediate, i have experience to call the staff, the speed to attend my problem is very very slow, if i didnt follow up with them. think my problem will ignore by them.
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  4. Callie added a post in a topic unifi connection   

    of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate.
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  5. Callie added a topic in Feedback, Suggestions, and Enquiries   

    unifi connection
    im just wondering why start from last week, my unifi connection will down at least 3 times per day... what happen to the company, did connection down happen everywhere?
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  6. Callie added a post in a topic Searching for the ideal internet postpaid plan   

    Somehow I feel that is it really benefit to us or not, is it really a people can use 100GB per month? I just wondering this will be waste if people pay so expensive but actually just use part of the benefit, kind of risk to take these plan.
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  7. Callie added a post in a topic Look for massage chair   

    can you tell more about it? Because I need more opinion from the ogawa massage chair user, that might help me increase confident, as I don’t want buy a wrong product for my parent.
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