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  1.  sometime the connection is interrupt due to many reason, i got 1 case that the portal device is too old and it affect my connection. Then i call them to do the checking, after they find out and replace a new one, everything become normal dy.

    i called them second time alrdy, what they tald me is they will sent people come to my place and checked. But she didnt say when will come, i just worry they still forget to come...

  2.  i think you just meet the bad attitude staff, last time i call a staff to report my cable problem, the next day they sent me a technician and change the cable, then my problem solve immediate.

    may b i really bad luck that time, hopefully the next time i report my problem, i can get a good staff to help me. What i want just settle my problem quickly, so i can get back my good connection.

  3.  as i know the incident happen is because the system down or update, i think you should call office and report your problem, then only they will know and fixed the problem.

    How do i report my problem? call them? are they respond immediate, i have experience to call the staff, the speed to attend my problem is very very slow, if i didnt follow up with them. think my problem will ignore by them.

  4. im just wondering why start from last week, my unifi connection will down at least 3 times per day... what happen to the company, did connection down happen everywhere?

    no wor, my unifi 100 mbps just function very well at my area. Are you taking the same package, or just the 30 mbps unifi?

    of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate.

  5. Hey guys. I want to change my current internet postpaid plan. Can anyone recommend me an internet postpaid plan which provides bigger internet quota at an affordable price? 

    Celcm recently introduced two plans for bigger internet quota, RM 128 for 50GB while RM 188 for 100GB. There are many benefits too:wink: 

    Somehow I feel that is it really benefit to us or not, is it really a people can use 100GB per month? I just wondering this will be waste if people pay so expensive but actually just use part of the benefit, kind of risk to take these plan.

  6. U should go to try every brand of massage chair, so u can compare whether which one is more suitable for u..
    Last year i gt bought Ogawa for my parents and they said it's not bad..

    can you tell more about it? Because I need more opinion from the ogawa massage chair user, that might help me increase confident, as I don’t want buy a wrong product for my parent.

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