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  1. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic Internet Needed   

    Easyphone seem great discuss at here, but i more focus on first plan now, feel like want to try the high internet quota plan, just scare the service is not strong at my working area.
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  2. sun_wu003 added a topic in General Topics   

    Internet Needed
    Currently start working at outstation, the house i rent was no wifi provided... feeling bore when no internet when after work. The data of the plan that i currently using is not enough for me now, i thinking to have a huge internet quota plan.
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  3. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic man talk car   

    Ya, repair pistol need a lot of time too. I was annoying by the problem once...
    @BroadwayDiddy im Using Helix High Mileage, Does The Helix Ultra good to use? I heard it can help the engine maintain the performance under extreme temperature, is it true?
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  4. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic Look for massage chair   

    If you are unable to afford a massage chair,  you can actually consider other product like hand held massager, you can use it on specific part of your body, control the intensity of massager, and it actually not really cost much to you.
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  5. sun_wu003 added a post in a topic Look for massage chair   

    Agree for those who are willing to test the massage chair, because we can know which one is more suitable. It not wrong for the salesman promoting you the product, they are doing their jobs. No matter the massage chair is made from Osim, Ogawa or Gintell, the most important thing it make you feel comfortable when you use it.
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