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  1. If you want to confirm they sent people, you should keep follow up with the staff to make sure they dont ignore your report. Sometime they might handle the customer who always call them many times.
  2. you are correct, u know i cant work if there is no internet, email or chat with the customer and colleague, checking order and reply feedback, the internet is a very important tool in our life.
  3. sometime the connection is interrupt due to many reason, i got 1 case that the portal device is too old and it affect my connection. Then i call them to do the checking, after they find out and replace a new one, everything become normal dy.
  4. i think you just meet the bad attitude staff, last time i call a staff to report my cable problem, the next day they sent me a technician and change the cable, then my problem solve immediate.
  5. i think you no need to worry about the connection stability, the unifi can give the smooth line. When i play the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds , there is no lag and no connection down. I will recommend you to upgrade it.
  6. @Feliciao1 I can see the package got include high internet package, the phone in the package is cheaper than other. ca consider is a nice package too. Someone who want change the phone can suggest this to them.
  7. Yes, life without internet is feel like meaningless. I got heard one call First platinum plan is providing 100 GB of internet, if 100 GB is too much then can look at the other First plan which provide lower internet quota, may be there got one suitable for you.
  8. The circumstance. i don't like the circumstance when i massage outside, it feel weird. That just personal problem, but massage chair is quite comfortable for me, you can get a massage at home and do the other thing you want. Really enjoy!
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