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  1. Billy80 added a post in a topic Internet Needed   

    i rather use unifi at home... the mobile data quite expensive no matter which plan they offer. If go outside, stay at the place that free wifi is available... that how we save the money.
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  2. Billy80 added a post in a topic Searching for the ideal internet postpaid plan   

    Its real , but i think that is the strategic to attract you to paid more, you already paid RM100++ on the plan, then another RM100 ++ on the new phone payment, that is the double burden for your pocket, right?
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  3. Billy80 added a post in a topic Look for massage chair   

    When i back to home after work, i like spend 20-30 min on massage chair and listen my favorite music, it really relaxing me, that is the moment my stress and my tension gone. Then, energy come back.
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