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  1. I just try to make people understand sometimes staff have their SOP to follow in order to complete their job. But what you say is correct, we will boring when no internet. Hahaha Tomorrow you call them again and ask when will sent people to your place, kindly ask them what is the estimate time the staff will reach. Then you will know when to call again.
  2. Sometimes people just know complain the staff cant settle the thing for them, but they didnt realize what actually the staff is doing in order to fix their problem. May be its processing but normally customer cant wait too long. What to do? scold loh~
  3. I think the only way to fix your problem is let them know, although they might delay the proses, you just have to make sure they done their work and you can get the good connection.
  4. no wor, my unifi 100 mbps just function very well at my area. Are you taking the same package, or just the 30 mbps unifi? of course 100mbps, i thought this package will be very stable as the high mbps and cheap price. who know it will continuously down, then now im very frustrate. as i know the incident happen is because the system down or update, i think you should call office and report your problem, then only they will know and fixed the problem.
  5. What package did u subscribe? have u check your router? Or else.. call TMpoint to check your internet stability..
  6. i rather use unifi at home... the mobile data quite expensive no matter which plan they offer. If go outside, stay at the place that free wifi is available... that how we save the money.
  7. I heard that Cclm is giving away new device like Huawei P10 for signing up their new plan not sure is it real but it seems really attractive to me Its real , but i think that is the strategic to attract you to paid more, you already paid RM100++ on the plan, then another RM100 ++ on the new phone payment, that is the double burden for your pocket, right?
  8. The circumstance. i don't like the circumstance when i massage outside, it feel weird. That just personal problem, but massage chair is quite comfortable for me, you can get a massage at home and do the other thing you want. Really enjoy! When i back to home after work, i like spend 20-30 min on massage chair and listen my favorite music, it really relaxing me, that is the moment my stress and my tension gone. Then, energy come back.
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