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  1. Hi Jojo, hope everything is going well for you :)
  2. That's really a terrible job, I guess fortunate part is you are able to get a full refund.
  3. I have York, not the best but quite affordable. If you have budget, go for inverter for better energy efficiency.
  4. I saw some places sell "nose clipper", i'm not sure if that is effective.
  5. Hi, that is about posting authorised promotional materials in the forum.
  6. I'm old-bie here :)
  7. I guess spaming is not considered as self introduction, welcome :)
  8. I prefer to have 2 photographers, they can cover different crowd or places. For example, in the morning one can be at the gloom place and another can be at the bride's place.There are so many things happening at the same time, 1 may not be enough to cover them.
  9. My preference is to give something that is useful, RM3-4 seems OK to me.
  10. Why? You have plan from the Telco or Credit Card company to share again?
  11. Hi credit card promoters, your posts have been edited.
  12. Hi CV88, thank you for joining MB. We only accept advertisements from registered vendor under the Classified section. If you are interested publish your services and offers in MB, please don't hesitate to contact us at : webmaster@malaysiabrides.com
  13. My advise will be: confirm the date ASAP, then start to book the venue, photographer/videograper, MUA. At the same time browser through the web or MB for other checklists. Popular venue and photographer/MUA sometimes need to book 1 year in advance.
  14. I got Two of Us for my AD in JB, quite helpful and friendly. Photo quality is satisfactory :)
  15. You can always engage the wedding photographers in Malaysia to fly over for your wedding shoot, but do remember to get trustworthy ones. I know someone with bad experience where the album he got is bad quality and it very hard to chase the photographer to rectify the issue due to the distance.
  16. Hi, if you are interested to advertise your products in MB, pls contact sales@malaysiabrides.com for more info. Thanks.Hi, if you are interested to advertise your products in MB, pls contact sales@malaysiabrides.com for more info. Thanks.
  17. Yu Ren Sheng recommended Ba Bao San(八宝散) for preventive purpose as 保婴丹 more for curing. 八宝散 is like double the price, and seems like the perl powder content is much higher.
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