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  1. bear_bear added a post in a topic Autism   

    Hi Tina,

    It is glad to meet someone to offer helps...
    My 4 year old boy was identified as mild autism by his teacher.
    She has some knowledge of handling autism child, and i did see some improvement on my child condition.
    He is more socialable (althu still need some warm up time), more tolerable to unplanned activites.
    But he still doesn't like changes of environment (school).
    He likes the teacher, seems like the teacher really know how to handle him.
    FYI, this is the 3rd school for him - 1st montesouri school (he refused to upgrade to montesouri class from pre montessouri class, finally we decided to change school), 2nd normal nursery (he was bullied by seniors) , 3rd normal cursery (current one).
    When he is to change to primary school sure he needs to change school, but i have 2 years time to go.
    My question is once getting better, will he get worse again in future?
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  2. bear_bear added a topic in Parenting General Discussion   

    Soft cleft palate

    I have my 2nd boy in april 2012. He is diagnosed with G6PD + soft cleft palate.
    I had my delivery (emergency c-sect after 2 days failed induction) in GH.
    Thier advice is to get the BB for plastic surgery after 1 year old.

    I went to private doc this morning for the soft palate consultation.
    The doc advice is to have the surgery before 1 yr old, reason being is 1 yr old is too near to speech development stage.

    Do any mama have this exerience of taking care palate problem child?
    I am not sure which is better & I am not sure is there any private interest for the private doc to earn money...
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  3. bear_bear added a post in a topic Autism   

    Hi preppyrose & balderdash,

    Thanks for the reply and information. I will try to get further information.
    For the time being, my child new nursery headmaster has the experience handling autism child. She said my child condition is not serious. But he need special attention n care. She is using her method to improve some of his condition - not trying new foods, insisting on certain things - eg color of chair; improving his social skills, etc. I am glad to see some improvement in him.
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  4. bear_bear added a topic in Preschoolers Club (3-5 Years Old)   

    I 1st suspected my boy having autism when he was about 1++ yrs old. He lined his toys in line, walk with toes, make very little eye contact with others (other than those people he meet everyday), he dislikes disorder, keep on eating same food, watching same VCD over and over... I ever talked to my husband n mil, but in return i get scolded for suspecting my child having autism. Since my son can differentiate length, can talk, so I also regard may be it is me the one who think too much.

    Recently I met my son principal after 1 year enrolled him to montessouri school, she talked indirectly indicating that may be my son has mild autism. He has little eye contact with others, dislikes crowded area, prefer to play alone, dislike disorders....

    Mummies out there, do anyone have the same experience and how to deal with these kind of child? I heard it can be cured if we start special edcuation early, what kind of special education. And most importantly where to seek help for confirmation whether he is autism child or not.
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  5. bear_bear added a post in a topic C Sec or Natural Delivery   

    Since so many mummies here went thru c sect, i would like to ask your experience.
    My lower back always get tired since my son birth.
    I thought i didn't get enough rest.
    Only till recently (my son now 3 yrs) my back get better.
    So I am planning the 2nd one.

    Recently my colluegue after her 4 mths c sect as well, she asked me about back pain.
    But I am more lucky in the sense that I don't feel the pain, but tired.
    She feels pain, MC for 2 days liao since yesterday.

    Anyone having this experience?
    I thought I didn't rest enough & that during the injection around the spine, I did rebound a bit (pain & scared), the doc ask me not to move, else later wrong injection.

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  6. bear_bear added a post in a topic Coping with Miscarriages / D&C   

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  7. bear_bear added a post in a topic Playschool   

    My son is 34 mths now. I plan to let him go to play school next year. Original plan was when the 2nd child out (now he is home with my MIL as bb taker) but he is getting mroe n mroe naughty becuase of boredom. And 3 yrs child immune is better I think, now is preparing him with the cod oil.
    i m thinking of sending him to montessouri school. I like thier approach. The only thing I worry is later on when go to primary school, he might have cultural shock. Any mummies here have experience to share?
    I plan might be montessouri for 2 yrs, final kindergarten at normal school, then prepare him to primary one. But is it too frequent for him to adjust to 3 environment within 4 yrs?
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  8. bear_bear added a post in a topic other people offering food to baby from their spoon   

    i have no solutions as well. i m facing thw same problem too.
    i dont know how to make my bb sitter cum my MIL to agree that sharing the same spoon is unhygiene. i told her it is not hygiene few times, but she still did it.
    so i just close one eye lah..... if i see she is to feed my son for few spoons, i will go to take a new spoon for my son. she will then use the new spoon. actually my son already has his meal before our dinner, she just want to share some food with my son... i also donno know to stop this as i think this is no good habit for my son.
    i tak sampai hati to share spoon with my son, not even to blow cold the food in the spoon - instead i move the spoon up & down creating artificial wind for cooling.

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  9. bear_bear added a post in a topic Help I lost temper easily   

    that is why i think this forum is good, a platform for us to share ideas, express our feelings, to get mental support, to learn together...

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  10. bear_bear added a post in a topic Thinking of having a 2nd one but...   


    sorry to jump back to bb gender again.
    there is one saying about next bb gender by judging how ur hair turn - i m not sure how to call that, most of us have this center of head where the hair start growing turning around it, some is clockwise, some anticlockwise. the saying says if ur bb is clockwise, next one is boy, is counterclockwise, next is girl.
    i did simulation for my own siblings, it works!!

    i have 1 boy, my boy's turning is still clockwise..... i hope to get a girl next one.... :)
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  11. bear_bear added a post in a topic My 21 Month Baby Still Dunno How To Talk   

    hi saelawie,

    my son started to talk when he was 26 mths, but he progress steadily after that, now 32mths, can speak almost in full sentence & know how to counterattack - like when we ask 明白吗? he will answer 明黑。

    like meiteoh mentioned, most important is we keep talking to him. they learn through these, may be the tougue muscle is not fully developed, he is unable to use tougue to express properly.

    so long as he understand, it is ok. you may trap him into communicating with u by asking questions - do u want apple or banana? by putting these 2 friuts in front of him. if he choose to communicate using hand, just let he be 1st, as we know he understand our language. :)

    i read that it is no good to give toddler too much tv, but no choice, my MIL plays DVD when she is taking of my son in the morning. but the DVD is educational type, like teaching how to name body parts, relatives, colors, shapes, etc. He learnt a lot through here. Some of teh vocab he actually learnt here.
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  12. bear_bear added a post in a topic How to make baby sleep tight at night?   

    hi sumsum2202,

    my experience was sometimes they are not because of hunger for milk, but not so comfortable.
    Eg: is the sweated a lot & sleep on wet pillow? or is it the pants too tight? or the diapers too tight?
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  13. bear_bear added a post in a topic Help I lost temper easily   

    thx skye for your hugs.
    yeah working mother is very been easy. our time is fully packed, we lost personal time.
    bravo to working mothers out there!!
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  14. bear_bear added a post in a topic Help I lost temper easily   

    after a night of deep thought, it is me the one that need to learn how to live with my son.
    my fault to bring home working stress, ignited by him & burst.
    my hubby is right, i shall not set too much standards for him to follow, but i need to with him, guide him.
    what i need is to find channels to express my anger (this morning i went for a jog, feeling better after getting close with the nature).
    next is to learn how to live with my boy, and nurture his habits, courtesy, discipline, interest to learn, etc day by day.
    life is full of pressure, what i need to learn from now on is stress management & the art of nurturing children.
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  15. bear_bear added a topic in Parenting General Discussion   

    Help I lost temper easily
    recently i lost temper easily with my son 2.5 yrs old.
    i know that he is not that understand to 'our' rule, but i just most of the time out of control...
    Help, any advice for me?
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