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  1. Never heard about this news before. What is the connection between onion and TM? Are they want to improve their internet coverage? Haha
  2. I heard that Cclm is giving away new device like Huawei P10 for signing up their new plan not sure is it real but it seems really attractive to me It sound awesome! Are those plans same with device bundle plans offered by other telco? Do I need to sign a contract to enjoy this promotion?
  3. Celcm recently introduced two plans for bigger internet quota, RM 128 for 50GB while RM 188 for 100GB. There are many benefits too Ya...The customers who are signing up First Gold Supreme or First Platinum Plus can enjoy many benefits, such as unlimited call to all networks, unlimited social apps chatting through Wechat & Whatsapp, unlimited music streaming and video streaming. It is really worth it. =) You can visit this website: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/plans for further information. Thank you so much for sharing this link to help me get more info about Clcm internet postpaid plan. Those plans might be a good choice for me. I will take it into consideration.
  4. Hey guys. I want to change my current internet postpaid plan. Can anyone recommend me an internet postpaid plan which provides bigger internet quota at an affordable price?
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