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  1. ubi added a post in a topic Mary Kay or not to Mary Kay   

    I used to wear  mary kay product   and till now. It doesn't harm my skin and perfectly nice on me.  For my opinion, Mary Kay is a brand that can stand long lasting since a long time ago right and must be the reason why they can be among the best skin care and beauty products across the globe. 
    Mary Kay or not? Should be yes mary kay. 
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  2. ubi added a topic in Parenting General Discussion   

    How to Buy a Stroller
    Tips before you shop stroller and pram at online store
    a.  Consider which type of stroller best fits your lifestyle.
    i. Lightweight and standard strollers : the biggest group of bunch in entire world. Everyone will go for this one. These are mostly front facing strollers with all features. With these both stroller you can have such a stronger connection with your toddlers. 
    ii. jogging strollers : The name suggests to facilitate activities like jogging or hiking with the baby. But soft reminder these are generally not safe for babies under 6 months or those unable to sit up. 
    iii. Umbrella strollers : This will become the only stroller you use but these generally have much less structure and seat support you should used with older babies who are strong enough to sit. 
    b. Stick to your budget
    Looking and searching for a baby things could be so much challenging as we used to spent more within our budget. Pick a great stroller with all features but still under your budget. A lot of choice you can find in any online store Malaysia. Just be smart to spent!
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  3. ubi added a post in a topic Sales and offers of baby stuffs   

    is there any online store that sell  baby stroller  for new baby born?
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  4. ubi added a post in a topic Cosplay / costumes   

    there are some online shopping that sell various of costume play and dress. you can go through to the website and apart that they are selling according to women fashion 2017 the latest edition of dresses. 
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  5. ubi added a post in a topic Korean Style Makeup Artist   

    inside this forum banyak je MUA yang hebat dalam makeup services and also hairstyle but if you does not spent a lot just buy any hair spray malaysia and try it by watch youtube. 
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  6. ubi added a post in a topic Hair stylist   

    for me, what is needed for the all the style is a good hair spray for each one
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  7. ubi added a post in a topic 2017 August 27, Macao Public Lecture of beauty style hair transplant   

    I hope someone can actually giving tips the usage of hair spray effects for our hair especially for women. 
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