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  1. daniela added a post in a topic what kind of food are good for hair?   

    May I ask whether hair spray function can really make our hair become worst. 
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  2. daniela added a post in a topic Korean Style Makeup Artist   

    combine the makeup lookup with a great hair spray hand carry and make the bomb appearance. 
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  3. daniela added a post in a topic Need for some good hairstyles for the bride.   

    true enough. you can check out in the youtube and also diy tumblr. Try practice it everyday. you might be able to help your sister in a great hairstyles.
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  4. daniela added a post in a topic 10 Essential beauty tips before wedding   

    i got an oily hair and read a few articles about extra cautions not to use hair spray color during your wedding day. is it true?
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  5. daniela added a topic in Shopping and Fashion   

    Latest collection of handbag malaysia
    I am getting married about 2 months and still cant find any latest women handbag collections and hope everyone can contribute to let me know where can i find handbags with an affordable price and my budget is 2k . 
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  6. daniela added a post in a topic home appliance brands ?   

    if you really have some times maybe you should go to mall or Aeon as they have a lot of home appliance choices but if you have a very lack times why not bought it on online store and make your choices. I bet a lot of higher brands have their own websites. 
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  7. daniela added a post in a topic This tool calculates how much your designer pieces will be worth when selling them on   

    a great fact about handbag hope there are more handful things about women handbag
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