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    Would like to share my real experience of using a local brand autogate called Saferity (www.saferity.com). At first I choose the swing type autogate after been recommended by the sales lady that autogate is reliable and lower maintenance compared to other brand. The autogate comes with 1 year warranty. The installation cost me about RM1600. Just a few months after installed the autogate, it malfunctioned due to the swing arm installation defect by the technician. Moreover just after 1 year the gate is no longer functioning well. When I called their agent for support, I was asked to pay RM160 just for their technician to come to inspect. The inspection fees was already 10% of the total cost before included the repair cost. The worst is I was asked to pay them first before they can come. During sales, they promised to come for free consultation without any charge but after sales, they will not even bother to support the customer. And their autogate can't be repaired by any ohter technician. This is my real experience. Hope all people out there do not fall into this trap! Remember NO Saferity. Go for some common brand that is proven and with good after sales support!
    Good luck!
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