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  1. Genuine case... Do your bid to help out....I for one have donated RM50. kaixin.sosblog.com
  2. I have one brand new unused still in original packing for sale. Letting it go cheap. Bought only for 2 weeks! Original price is RM399 at Jusco. Now at a whopping discount of only RM299. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this item. Just that the base is too big for my car's bucket seat. - Suitable From Birth Till 4 Years. - 3 Position Recline with 1 Sleeping Position. - 5 Point, 1 Pull Safety Harness. - Rear-Facing From Newborn & Forward Facing For 9 to 18kg (Birth to 4 yrs old) - Softly Padded Head Cushion. This is a very comfortable car seat and it has a special latch to recline the seat to a sleeping position. Just too bad it won't go in my car. Interested parties, please PM me or you can call my hubby direct at 019-2826688 (Jeff). Thanks! Seat is still wrapped up but I've taken it out for purpose of this photo only.
  3. Mommies.... 1 more dozen to go....new price at RM27 per tin...hurry!
  4. Girls, I got 2 dozen of overstocked Similac Stage 1 400g to let go..Expiring Oct 2011. Up for grabs at RM29 each...hurry lor. PM me if interested. http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc246/a...rn/IMG_0582.jpg
  5. Girls, I have 2 dozen of extra Similac Step 1 Infant Formula to let go. They expire Oct 2011. Bought in Feb 2009. Letting go cheap at RM30 for 1 dozen and RM29 for 2 dozen. Retails for RM33 cheapest. I bought these at RM32 (bulk buy mah). My loss your gain...PM me to deal. Thanks!
  6. I've been using the little bean sterilizer and warmer for months now. Its BPA-FREE and its pretty reliable. So far no issues. Been steaming it for 4 to 5 times everyday. Unlike AVENT sterilizer, you don't need any tablets or cleaning tablets. Plus its cheap..under RM200...u can get both warmer and sterilizer. I'm now in need of purchasing another warmer. Was thinking of buying another set of little bean since its cheap. However, I don't need the sterilizer. Anybody wanna share to buy up the sterilizer, please PM me. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I've previously booked one urut lady but she FFK me liao...please do PM me contact for a good, reliable and reasonably priced urut lady in melaka. Kinda frustrating after getting a not so good confinement lady and now the urut lady...haizzz Any moms here who doesn't use an urut lady and still goes back to their post pregnancy weight and tummy shape? Please do share your experience. Thanks!
  8. Hi... Perhaps you can try this Teik Seng shop along Kimberly Street...they sell affordable baby cot (wooden, painted white) and fiber mattress for baby cot...they also sell lots of baby stuff... Good luck!
  9. nobody can give me a contact?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a babysitter for my baby..3 months old..starting mid-March 2008, preferably in the Bayan Lepas area. If you know of any good ones, please PM me. Thanks!!
  11. Hey Alice, I have also just booked for my wedding reception (mine is lunch) at Oversea Restaurant in Plaza Armada. Hehe... My AD is on the 11th July 2009! I was there about 2 weeks ago. It looked ok to me, just like a normal chinese restaurant. Not really a grand restaurant (from the first look). However, the place is strategic for me and the restaurant is flexible with their arrangement and allow us to book for 10 tables with their normal package. Other restaurant doesn't allow us to take their wedding package if it's less than their requirement (usually at least 20-30 tables) and some doesn't even provide us with the basic stuff like stage, cake, microphone, backdrop etc.... Plus, Oversea's price is reasonable and comes with lotsa freebies. Hehe... Food wise, I am not sure but I have heard friends and relatives saying it's good, not the best but good. Personally, if you are having a large wedding dinner (more than 30), and would prefer a grand ambience, then maybe this place is not so suitable for you. Hehe.. but for me, I have no choice as I don't have high budget, plus since I will be staying at Armada Hotel, it seemed easy and convenient for me. Hehe.... And the reception will be immediately after the church ceremony at SFX Church in PJ, so it's the nearest & most flexible restaurant I could find. :) Hope you find your suitable venue! Mind sharing the package? I got a fren interested in that place. My email is wisemint@yahoo.com
  12. Girls.... Anybody actually used shmily1314 confinement lady from Sg. Petani? Plan to engage her but need more inputs from fellow forumers here. Thanks!
  13. Anybody knows where to get pui yit for moms in melaka? Need one for the whole month of January. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, In need of trusted dry cleaners for delicate wedding gowns and satin shoes. Any recommendations around KL, PJ or Penang area? Please share your experience. Many Thanks!
  15. Ade

    AnAn's Pre-Wedding

    Am I too late? wisemint@yahoo.com
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