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  1. hi there.. me wanna view too.. pm me the link tq
  2. twinklestar... me too want to view ur lovely photo...Can???? Pm me the link .ok? thanks
  3. hi there. mind to share with me too.. thank you.
  4. Hi.. Mind to share with me too?? Pm me the link.. will ya? tq
  5. Hi SweetCandy Mind to share with me??? Pls PM me the link... Thank you..
  6. Hi Caroline.. Can share with me too?? PM me the link. ok? thanks in advance
  7. Hi there... Would like to see ur photo.. mind to share ??? Pm me.. ok? thanks
  8. can i view it too... :) PM me.. thank you.
  9. Yoyo.. mind to Pm me the link?? tq
  10. Dear carmen, I am interested in purchase the candle as my wedding favours too.. Can u pls pm me the price and quantity u had ? thank you regards
  11. Hi klbride Mind to share with me too??? PM me the link.. can? TQ
  12. hi kai. me wana see too.. can pm me the link? tq tq
  13. marryhim, Me wanna view too.. Pm me ok? thanks Cheers :)
  14. hi there.. mind to share with me too??? ^_^ PM me the link.. thank you
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