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  1. it's normal. he was trying to tell u how much he misses u during ur absence and as he can't really express himself through words, he uses actions. n for young children, all the feelings and nightmares will b manifested when they sleep. it will gradually lessen over time, n yes, we as mummy do feel guilty for leaving them alone, but sometimes, it can't be helped. perhaps we can cut short the trip whenever possible. a little bit of traveling will make ur kid more independent n get used to it.
  2. i put my son's english name at the end of his chinese name in the birth cert. nobody argues with me on this nor say a word about it. i filled up the form, and gave it to my husband who duly proceeded to JPN the next day for registration. both of us r non-Christians, n my religion is not reflected in my IC leh....how???
  3. i wun be surprised if ur princess is able to eat noodles using chopstick way earlier than her peers!!! good move!
  4. i have 2 bowls complete with suction base from mebby and first years. the latter one come with lid which made it great for travelling. i got those baby cutlery too, but i find those my fren helped me to buy from babyland are the best one. they r angled at such a way dat it make it easy for my prince to learn feed himself!!!
  5. i taught my son to address my in-laws too.. but he refuses to open his golden mouth. oni babble here and there with them. dun worry. when ur fren eventually has a kid of her own, she will understand that it's not easy to teach a kid.
  6. me oso in the same boat. isaac is good at mama, papa, mum mum, po, yee n some mumbling. he pronounced some phonics when i taught him the first time sometime back, which he refuse to repeat after he realised he can actually pronounce the phonics!!! n he's turning 2 in 1 week time!!! paedi said it's normal. let him learn to speak properly at his accord.
  7. materials shall never b the reason to stay on a broken marriage. all parties will suffer, n it will send the negative impact onto the kids if there's any - daily quarrels, cold shoulders, etc. materials can be disposed and the proceeds to be shared equally or according to court order. another way is to reach an agreement and then file for joint petition, then it'll b easier.
  8. i suggest u to talk to ur hb nicely, that there's a pressing need for privacy. mayb getting a home nearby ur ILs will make him less unhappy with the idea of moving out. but may i ask, y at the first place, all ur SILs stay with ur ILs after wedding? if the daugters can stay with their mother after wedding, mayb u can propose to ur hb to stay with ur parents instead? that way it's fairer and squarer? n i do think dat ur ILs will b more agreeable on that idea. n mayb u can even send ur kids to ur ILs too in future. meiteoh is right. the old housing structure usually comprised of a few small units joined together with a centralised livig area - thus allowing a few generations to live under one roof as each family have their own dedicated 'wing'. but in current times, such housing structures are hard to come by, if they do, they cost millions at least. bring ur hb out for a nice talk. it's hard to juggle studies and work n family, but u really have to do something bout it before u chose to stay full time at ur parents place just to avoid the noise.
  9. anthony, perhaps u can approach the church community as the pastors usually provide counselling services. threats will not work in a marriage, coz it drives ppl off and it hurts too. i m of the opinion that your bro-in-law need a shack up in order to know that he has been hurting ur sis badly.
  10. this is a cool topic - trying to equalise the marriage to a career. even with commitment or kids, the giver party can still walk away from the marriage, when it had broken to the irreparable stage or he/she is just too tired and will b happier by leading a new life.
  11. hi redchili, mayb u feel guilty to rest when ur baby rest. but u deserve the rest... take things easy. it's not easy to b SAHM.. my salute to u. lower ur expectations, it will make ur life easier a bit.
  12. playpen's mattress n babycot's mattress r usually of different sizes, n varies among the brands too. it's best to measure n buy according to fit.
  13. i dun hv any stretch marks during pregnancy n now i m like 2 kgs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. i lost all my pregnancy weight in less than 6 mths after giving birth. however, i do feel my hips r wider as i can't fit into some of my old working pants n working dresses anymore. i used to hv high metabolism rate, but i think now it had slowed down. i kept myself busy with housework n exercises besides working full time n caring for my toddler boy. i monitored my food intake closely and only eat what i need. i guess by adhering to a strict self-discipline when it comes to food, it helps to keep the kilos away.
  14. y dun u cc a copy to the press to ensure a prompt reply?
  15. i think mediviron is endorsed by many companies to be their panel clinic, hence their bad attitudes towards patients especially those who visited them on Monday's morning. some HR managers do give their panel clinics 'strict procedures' to be folllowed to ensure that there's no MCs given to those non-cronic cases. but that doesn't mean they can ridicule their patients. this kind of clinic is operating like a factory setting so that they will not lost the patronage of their 'corporate clients' as they are the bulk of their money generator. angie, i suggest u write to the star to bring up the matters to the MOH. let's see what these factory clinics can do.
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