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  1. babygal added a post in a topic Bridal Shop - Stareast Sunway   

    hi hi..

    i was just browsing thru the www to see whether anyone has created a topic on stareast.

    i took a package with crystelbell sunway last time. then i think wedding bell in ss2 merged with crystelbell. after that the company is being took over by stareast last year.

    the package quoted to both of you is cheaper than mine. my intial package was RM2399 before being upgraded to RM3450 now. that's for the design fees charged and enlargement of album.

    i only got 2 album. one big one small. hmm... now they are givin a third album eh? hmmm... that's so good!

    can i ask whether your album quoted to you is a full page album or a designed album? need to be careful of that.

    the staffs are ok.. can see their face change a little. but not that bad laa.. still maintain their friendliness to customers. no worries on that. they still attend to me even i went there twice to choose my pics!
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  2. babygal added a post in a topic Jiun's Pre-Wedding   

    hi jiun,

    can i view your pics? must be really nice based on the comments given!

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  3. babygal added a post in a topic Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, P.J   

    hehe.. from the forum, i can see all are really interested at the victorian ballroom. just go there and have a look. i did that.

    victorian is almost snapped out by now. but classics are still available, that if you are getting married this yr end or early next yr. try classic!
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  4. babygal added a post in a topic Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, P.J   


    i know victorian ballroom is nice.. but has anyone held their wedding at the classic ballroom? it's not too bad.. i like the high ceiling.. but not the reception area... anyone tried the food?

    any comments?
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