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    Unlock The Skeunkield in DOFUS Touch Singing Contest
    A free online game that requires no monthly subscription DOFUS Touch also differentiates itself from its older sibling DOFUS through its economic model: Goultines have now replaced Ogrines and now Kamas can be used for in-game purchases!Dofus Touch is a massively multiplayer role-playing game in which the goal is to find the six precious Dofus and become master of Amakna.You need guides and tips to play well the game and also the kamas is important for your leveling. If you have friends play with you together you can exchange equipment with them. You can also buy all you need from us we are a professional site for providing all valuable items in Dofus Touch. Let yourself be a particular force in the game.

    A Gobbstock singing contest is set to be released on Wednesday June 21 in DOFUS Touch! You need to defeat the thief Steunk who hide in the contest. Then you will win an exclusive shield as a reward: the Skeunkield.

    The bard Skeunk will accompany with his four Sadida groupies to join the singing contest. Be careful of his stoling Koolich's Kaliptus Dofus when he smoking as there are nothing happening!

    If you have difficulty in finding the hideout of Skeunk click here for an advice. Seek help by clicking here once you meet troubles when clearing the dungeon.

    After finished the dungeon you can get the Kaliptus Dofus back and learn the Perfidious Boomerang spell. To learn the spell speak to Diamantine and give her 10 Brown Warko Boomerangs 10 Dok Alako Boomerangs,10 Koalak Master Boomerangs and 10 Bloody Koalak Boomerangs.

    Emeralda will give you a Bloody Koalak pet as she is desperately looking for Koalak set items. Don't worry if you find there no drops while you kill a boss because the rewards will be inserted to your account on July 3rd.

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    eacgamecom news and guide
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