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  1. i have 2 ring ...engagement ring and wedding band i wore both on my left hand 4th finger according to western custom as how my parents and my parents in law wore them. I dont care what "friends" say as long as i wear it MY WAY since its mine :P
  2. thanks for sharing babe ! i hope no one will fall into her trap next time. This is very unethical of her and seriously i find that alot of "confinement lady" also is like that ...very bad only think about money
  3. they will photoshop it out so no worries at all. thats the photographer's job to do so
  4. hmm why not take him to singapore to watch the night race instead ? since its new and it'll definitely be more interesting and also you guys can plan to go universal studio. Honeymoon is for both of you so best to do something both enjoy not just for him.
  5. like for my wedding, what i did is told the bridesmaid what kind to wear ie : cheong sam / oriental in the morning tea ceremony and no red as i will be wearing red Qua but of course there is some chi mui who wear red (slight diff shades). at night since nothing much to do just urshering so they are all allowed to wear whatever they want.
  6. clappinglizard, thank you for sharing ... yup in moderation i think for guy to drink is ok just not like who bowl on his own :) didnt know that bak zhen is bitter ... sigh then there is high possibility that i dont drink this soup as well lol
  7. my friend had a miscarriage and took Bak Foong pills and got pregnant immediately after not sure how it helps but she say she felt better taking the Bak Foong pills As for fibroid, well when i was pregnant last year my doc saw a fibroid in my uterus and he told me ... generally most of the women have fibroid in our body and it is just whether where it is, does it block, grow and etc. Most of the time we dont even know we have them and he told me its so normal that he dont worry much about it unless it kept growing for no reason.
  8. Well then i guessed i explain why already in my earlier post. You can read more about it by googling as well. Did this happen to you ? The other i read and heard about is false pregnancy syndrome. All signs show pregnant but test and ultrasound shows its not.
  9. leongal, maybe you can explain more about what you meant by " false positive pregnancy test " as far as I understand if your pregnancy test shows 2 lines irregardless how faint they are it is a positive pregnancy. What happens if it turns negative after some time ? well, simple explanation is miscarriage occurs. There are times miscarriage occurs without even the mom knowing. You can google it to find more information about this topic. Even the BBT chart if you do some research on other's chart you can see it happening as well. Who are likely to experience this ?... ANY women. With our without then knowing.
  10. Bak Zhen soup can drink anytime or got specific timing like after period ? Men also can drink ?
  11. i also dont know how to be a member i just buy normal price actually. i was advise to take 1 bottle a week and the sales didnt explain much say its the same ingredients just that some prefer to take the bigger pill (less) as smaller pills have more to swallow but easier for some.
  12. mine is from Eu Yan Sang. Taking 1 bottle a week. Actually I didnt know there is other brand :P lol. I'm not that familiar with Chinese medicine n stuff.
  13. lol ! i generally answer : Pls ask God coz I also want to know and then give a cheeky smile :P generally that shut them up.
  14. leongal, nope, i had implantation bleeding before and its different from your normal spotting. you dont get bloated like your period pain and the colour of of your period spotting is brown but implantation bleeding is bright red.
  15. Elaaine, today i have spottings and its 3 days to my period guess i have to ask hubby to try harder this month LOL ! dont worry too much you will be able to wake up just keep at it and dont worry if you missed a day or two.
  16. Elaaine, yea ,.. there is this one time where he turn around wanting to kiss me then just before he kiss he open his eyes and saw the long long thing in my mouth and realise i'm doing the "thermometer thing" so he turn away and go back to sleep instead. I was sort of half asleep while taking the temp hahaha ... babe i wake up wayyyy earlier than you do so if I can do it, you can too ya.
  17. Elaaine, yes same time everyday... like for me i work early and weekend what i do is set the alarm wake up just to do the temp then went back to sleep 5 mins later. The temp is being saved (1 memory set for the Omron brand) so i dont have to update the chart until later when i'm fully awake. There was a time i actually continue to slept all the way with the thermometer LOL :P When you see a dip and in the chart at the below portion you see the dates turn green thats when you need to ML. Dont worry about all the symbols just start the chart 1st by putting your temperature everyday then add the rest slowly as time goes by coz main thing is everyday wake up dont get up but take the thermometer. 1 step at a time will make things easier as you go along rather than trying to do everything immediately. Hope this helps as I'm also learning as we speak :)
  18. hehe ahh ok ... early preparation ya from pre-ovulation to post ovulation it should go up like by 0.4 and above.
  19. Elaaine, I would say anytime is a good time as you take some time to get adjusted to taking the BBT every morning and marking it down (be it manually or online). I took sometime to really get adjusted as there are times i woke up and started doing things and THEN only remember i'm support to chart the BBT first ! thus my chart at the beginning have some "blank slots" here and there on those forgetful days especially on the 1st and maybe 2nd week. So the earlier you start the better :) leongal, Wow you TTC before getting married ? if you dont see much differences in temperature there might be a chance you are not doing it correctly or you didnt ovulate. As after period before ovulation the chart temperature is suppose to be lower. Once we ovulate the temperature goes up by 1 level. I can see it clearly on mine and alot others charts as well. Also i have seen some who have 100+ days same temperature as they didnt ovulate yet. To your question on Night Waking you can find the answer here in the site, do go and read through more information as you use the BBT : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Faqs/ Good luck girls !
  20. leongal, Yes to both question. if you got the basal thermometer, it has good instruction how you should be taking it.
  21. Ok, I'm not going into the long explanation of what BBT is. As I believe you can easily find this information on it and what it does in multiple sites via google. Here is a link from wikipedia for your reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basal_body_temperature For those who have no idea where to get a BBT Thermometer try Guardian or Watson. Look for ~ Omron MC-272L Digital Basal Thermometer about RM 59 (Celsius & Fahrenheit) ~ Osim USmart Digital Thermometer (OS-5502) RM 45 (Only Celsius) While you can track your BBT on paper, using a computer program or an online software program can make things much easier. The following websites offer free fertility calendars, with BBT charting options : FertilityFriend.com is my personal favorite. As I have just started on BBT thus this site provides me with tons of useful information, chart as guidance, courses to read and understand what BBT is all about, Q & A, active forum and info how to use it correctly. There is a free version, as well as a VIP version, but the free version includes more than enough to chart with ease. Website link : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ MyMonthlyCycles.com offer free fertility calendars that allow you to track as little or as much information as you like. You can keep a detailed fertility chart, including BBT readings, or you can just track your period days. Using the information you provide, the fertility calendar will let you know if your period is late, if ovulation may be approaching, and other important fertility information. I personally haven't use this myself. Website link : http://www.mymonthlycycles.com/ TCOYF.com offers a free online fertility calendar option, a paid-for downloadable computer program, or a free PDF download. The fertility calendars on the site have been endorsed by Toni Weschler, author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The thing I didnt' like this online charting is it only save 3 months of chart for those who opt for free. You want more, pay for it. I didnt like the short 3 months chart :P so I didnt use this but I tried it. http://www.tcoyf.com MyFertilityCharts.com offers a free fertility calendar, where you can track your BBT, periods, and other ovulation symptoms. It is the online version of an off-line fertility tracking program, Hormonal Forecaster. You can use the online version or one just on your computer. You can also choose to keep the majority of your charts on your home computer, and selectively share charts online. They have both a free version and paid for version. The paid for version includes color shading on the chart, to read easier when your fertile and non-fertile days are, along with other features explained on their site. I personally didn't try this as well. http://www.myfertilitycharts.com/ For those who prefers manual charts you can find them at this sites : http://www.babycenter.com.my/preconception/suspectingaproblem/samplebbtchartdownload/ http://www.babycenter.com/0_blank-bbt-chart_7069.bc http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/bbt-chart.html http://www.mymonthlycycles.com/bbtchartdl.jsp There is alot of other charts as well feel free to use google to find them as these are the ones i got during my research. Hope this helps the other couples out there who is TTC-ing as well.
  22. i attended lunch wedding before.... the ambience is kind of different compare to dinner and people wont drink much because its lunch. Plus point is, its easier to get venue for sure. Generally if you have no problem with it, then dont bother about what others think/say. Its your wedding afterall, as long as you and hubby is happy with the decision then so be it. End of the day you cant please EVERYONE.
  23. where are you base ? where have you tried ? this would open up suggestion of venue from fellow members that you might not have thought about if you can provide such information. people who have booked most probably will not give up their venue especially paid ones. for those venue which told you the dates has been reserve if you really like the place, go there with a cheque and tell them you want it with the payment on hand if they can get the venue to be release to you.
  24. yes you should at least to make sure you are ok.
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