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  1. Hi there. I am also an Ameda user. My pump was bought somewhere in Oct 2009 and now this is the 2nd time facing problem.. The first time, totally lost suction.. Had to travel all the way to Mr Tan's office to get it repaired. Now my pump suddenly got weak suction, had to turn it all the way to at least get a substantial suction. I can't seem to find any problem with the parts, ie the breast shells, the valve, the diaphram, etc... i replaced everything (except the breast shells) with new one yet still the same problem. Haih... i thought this pump is meant for heavy usage.. Why does it keep breaking down. I only have 1 pump and when it breaks down, i cannot pump properly, hence, how to empty my breast? Milk production definitely will drop if like that. Sigh.. really feel like crying..
  2. Hi may I know where did you buy your medela swing from and how much did you get it for? I am also thinking of getting the medela swing.. so surveying around now..
  3. janicelly Just wondering, when you say using the breast pump to stimulate the breast before the milk comes, what does it mean? I mean before we give birth, we can actually use it first?
  4. actually medela mini E is only meant for short term use... Short term only??? Oh i didnt know that.. My friend is using the Medela Mini E Plus (the double pump one) which i am not sure if its using the same motor as the Medela Mini E. She has been using for the past 6 months, still ok wor..... The PISA is too expensive ler... I do wish I can afford that though.... Hmm... if like that, would you recommend me to get the Medela Swing instead? But that's not a double pump....
  5. I've went to look at my friend's medela twin pumps. Though there is a sound, but it isnt exactly very very loud la... I think I will buy that since its quite affordable, reputable and not so fragile. I found out that all these pumps actually have increased their prices!!!!!!
  6. wah.. there seems to be alot of medela PISA users here as well, and all with good reviews. :)
  7. Looks like its all up to personal preference? Heheheh!! Then I gotta go shop around again this weekend. anyone know of any good deals on pumps anywhere? so far, I've only found one pretty good deal at http://www.enjoybreastfeed.com/
  8. hmmm..... icic... it seems like actually the major brands breast pumps are actually equally good. I guess you guys are right about it being up to me. I guess I need to find one that I feel comfortable with (which by looking at brand since i've not breastfeed before). heheheh!! Nowadays, the pumps are all sooooooooooooooooo expensive and usually those shops are quite reluctant to give anything more than 10% discount!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh wow... I didn't know that. Seems like manual pump is also quite good. But as what yummymummy said, I think what she said is right, about waiting a while before getting the pump to be use in office so soon since I guess plans might change. I guess I could consider the option of a manual pump for work or any other place too.. But I would still need to get a pump for home use. So far, Medela seems to be the most popular choice.
  10. Yes lin lin I've heard of the reviews from medela pumps and it is indeed expensive. That's why I am also considering Ameda and Spectra, which the saleslady recommend. She told me that with Ameda and Spectra, many customers commented that they are able to get more milk than when they were using Medela pumps. That's why I am so confused now. Its like I can get a cheaper pump, yet more efficient? By the way, does ameda have alot of pieces to assemble?
  11. linlin, Wow.... sounds like ameda and spectra is better than medela. Is it user friendly especially for first time mom like me? i heard that medela pumps are actually very user friendly. I am actually also afraid that I might not be able to produce enough milk too. Also, where did you buy your ameda and how much issit? puffymama, Medela pump-in-style is soooooo expensive but I heard really good reviews about it. where did you buy yours and for how much? I was eyeing on the medele mini electric plus (the one that cost about RM699)actually. actually issit necessary to buy a twin pump one? Can I just buy a single pump then take turns pumping? how long does it take to pump milk per session? one of my friend said that when you pump one side, the other side can spray too. issit true?
  12. Hi everyone. I am a first time mommy, due in July 2009. Looking to buy breast pump now since its the sale season. Anyone could recommend me a good one, especially for first time mothers like me? Friends so far recommended the Medela pump (either swing or mini electric plus dual pump) but when I went shopping yesterday, the saleslady told me that the mini electric plus dual pump is very noisy (like a grass mower) and recommended the Ameda pump instead. When I asked around, not many have tried the Ameda pump before and instead Spectra is also recommended. I also pening already with different recommendations. You see, I will be going back to work full time after my maternity leave, so I am expecting to be able to pump in the office too. For me, I think a pump which can use a/c or battery would be better in case I am unable to find a power point in the officeplace, then at least I can still fall back to use the battery one. Please please give some recommendation. by the way, the saleslady told me that medela's prices will increase next month. Anyone heard of this?
  13. Hi all. Today I just met a confinement lady. Her name is Ah Chan from Selayang. She's gonna charge RM3,000 plus another RM200 for angpow. She said her services are for 28 days from the day I discharge from the hospital after delivery. Ermm... Since I am only staying with Hubby, she said she will cook for Hubby, then wash clothes (using my washing machine) and clean house (sweeping and mopping) when she has the time. Has anyone here used her services before? I am just wondering is the rate she's charging for all that reasonable?
  14. I've stayed twice at rosa pasadena and personally, i feel its quite value for money. Its not 5 star kind like Cameron Highland Resort but quite convenient and also nearby to amenities. But Cameron Highland Resort seem pretty interesting.. Got the romantic feel.. But I've never stayed there before though.
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