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  1. NaomIT added a post in a topic Guide to hiring a wedding planner   

    The majority of couples would hire a wedding planner to plan their wedding for them. The reason some couples are afraid to hire a wedding planner is because they are afraid that their wedding will not turn out the way they wanted it to be. So, we are going to share with you a few benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your wedding. 
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  2. NaomIT added a post in a topic Taiwanese Photographer   

    we also base on KL. Experience in photo and video for wedding and pre wedding.
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  3. NaomIT added a post in a topic What bridesmaid dresses colors? . I hope this can help you
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  4. NaomIT added a post in a topic I've found my lifetime PHOTOGRAPHER here!   

    Me also. I love to work with photographer from Shuttering Hearts . Photographer are so friendly 
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  5. NaomIT added a post in a topic Ideal location for pre-wedding photo   

    I would like to recommend Bali as your pre wedding destination.
    Just like my friend, she also do their pre wedding photoshoot in Bali. you can see their picture here > pre wedding in Bali <
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  6. NaomIT added a post in a topic Where to Buy Bridesmaid Dress in KL?   

    thanks for the good information ! for me, I kind of like that Beige colour because it's look soft and nice.
    i just want to share a solutions for all ladies who are stressed thinking about what to wear to a wedding
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  7. NaomIT added a post in a topic Pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali 2015 WANTED   

    If you're thinking to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali, you're making the right decision because Bali is a wonderful place !
    i just want to share my friend's pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali for you references 
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  8. NaomIT added a post in a topic Korea Pre Wedding Photoshoot Experience   

    Omg ! the bride looks very beautiful, I love it ! 
    I just want to share my friend's pre wedding photo in Krabi, Thailand
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  9. NaomIT added a post in a topic Take honeymoon photo around the world!!   

    Those pictures are lovely! 
    Are these Honeymoon pictures the same as Pre-wedding photos, or are honeymoon pictures the photographs taken after the wedding? My sister and her fiance had their pre-wedding photos taken at Bali! If you are planning on honeymoon pictures, maybe you could consider Bali as well! It's a really beautiful place!
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  10. NaomIT added a post in a topic Photographer in Bali   

    Lovely pictures!
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  11. NaomIT added a post in a topic Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Bali, Indonesia   

    Well agreed! The islands around the South East Asia region are really beautiful places for pre-wedding photographs! 
    My friend recently had their pre-wedding photo shoot at Krabi,Thailand. It's another really lovely place!
    My question though, is that do couples decide on a certain location based on the weather and season? For example, if I would like my pre-wedding photos taken at Bali but there's bad weather & monsoon season there, should I think about taking the photos somewhere else?
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