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  1. I don't know much about food but at the moment I'm taking nootropics, this set - https://nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/coluracetam/ . They are quite good and I can see the effect after 2 weeks. Plus they can help you to improve the memory and give more energy to the brain work. And the price is lower than if you t ry to combine all needed food.
  2. If you want to be sure in your ring and the diamond on it, you can check the LA Laser Engraving online store. They are doing really nice rings. I have one from that store and once because of some financial problems I needed to sell my ring, I went to the master, he checked the quality and gave me almost the same price as I spent when I bought it. And of course you can see the quality on the photo, I have similar to this
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