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  1. Are Laser Acupuncture pen safe..?https://westfyonline.com/muscle-tap-massager-pen/
  2. Does really jade roller works has anti aging device.?
  3. How to use Laser Acupuncture pen..?
  4. Niha

    Comedo Suction

    Until how many days will a blackhead not re-appear after the use of a comedo suction?https://myacetex.com/comedone-suction/
  5. Try with Blue-ray for Permanent Hair Remover and it is laser hair removal method.. http://<a href="https://krasr.com/collections/all/products/permashed-hair-remover">laser hair removal</a>
  6. Niha

    Shower bombs

    What are the benefits of Essential Oil...?https://myoveo.com/
  7. For blackhead i tried with charcoal mask method.. blackhead will be removed but it pains a lot, then i tired with vacuum blackhead remover, it is effective and best method according to me.. https://myoveo.com/comedo-suction/
  8. Niha

    Comedo Suction

    what are the pain less method of blackhead removal..?
  9. Yes i have tried it.. it gives good result.. try with this product for blackhead remover
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