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  1. i got mine last Dec for only RM1200 on my actual day. package included 600pcs photo with album and one photograph. Let me know if you guys interested. Fyi, they are more doing commercial!
  2. HI, do you guys have any idea where got nice place for outdoor photo shooting nearby PJ area? Please....i'm urgently need it since my wedding is coming soon!!!! TQVMM
  3. hihi...can u pm me the photos also...tq
  4. Oh, which mean the whole nite u wear one dinner dress only!
  5. i have some enquiry about below, hope someone can give me ideas lo.... 1) Restaurant charge the beer is RM40/jug. do u think its reasonable price? shall i use retaurant beer or buy myself? but if buy myself, i have to pay extra RM10/table for cockage. 2) 1 wedding gown + 1 dinner gown + 1 normal dinner dress that bought myself. - reception wear wedding gown and also march in - change dinner gown halfway - end dinner wear normal dinner dress. ----do u guys have any idea? -----now m not sure whether wan to rent 3 gowns(RM1800) or only 2 gowns(RM1500). excluded the rented gowns, i have my own dinner dress. can some one giv me idea how to arrange on this? tqvm
  6. Hi, pls pm me the list also. Tks ya
  7. Hihi,m interested too! Mind to share with me?
  8. I'm oustanding bride, anyone can recommend where can rent a house/apartment/bunglow in KL/Selangor??? Pls help. Thank you.
  9. hey...i m also taken at Marry....mind to share with me ur photos??? dear babes....can pm as well if u guy wan to know my package...see ya
  10. wow....cool!!! not bad yea....
  11. u can try Noble House, Imperial Garden PJ, Bukit Kiara TT, Oriental Pavilion, Tropicana TT....as i know that all those no need sharing.
  12. hm...i think u better act fast. cos mind also consider like 20tables but most alr booked...sad!!!
  13. halo, mind share with me? pm me ya if u r alrite. thanks
  14. i'm at kl lor. hotel might not in my list cos too expensive
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