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  1. Haha… no problem one la. I saw my female colleague she has the diamond ring also. She got say that now is like a trend for wedding ring to match with the diamond ring. Her ring also got a lot bling bling. She said need to see what your girlfriend like. There are some girls like simple one.
  2. That’s very pretty leh. But I got ask my friends and ask about design. Some said simple better. Make the diamond big can already. Don’t add more things in it. I then search and see and found this design. Looks very nice. But I got ask friend about the price, understand from them that with my budget, I can go for more bling bling at the side. But don’t should I go for this or with more bling or not.
  3. Hi, I want to propose to my gf, I am totally no clue what to get for my gf. Previously was busy with work. Now PM say must stay at home, so i now only got time to see.... I saw this forum saying about diamond but very confusing. I last time got pass by some shop like Poh Kong, Tomei, but just to see see only la, don't dare to go in. Hahaha..... I have no idea where to start. the only thing i know is i need to work on RM5000 budget.
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