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  1. How to get-rid of wrinkles ? https://mymakady.com/2020/07/06/anti-aging-benefits-of-collagen/
  2. What are the uses of jade roller ?can it be used as massager therapy device?https://mymakady.com/2020/04/15/the-benefits-of-aromatherapy/
  3. Its every one to look very slim and fit in each and very age . We can follow some of the diet plans but it requires lots of workout as well. I tired with this slimming machine to reduce the belly fact , it is very helpful for weight-loss i came to know about this product from the blog called " Potential Sugar Swaps For Weight Loss" from the website https://mymakady.com/2020/04/08/how-to-cut-down-on-sugars-without-sacrificing-your-sweet-tooth/.
  4. Actually these face wrinkles will come from rest less and our tight schedules . we can use natural methods to get-rid of these wrinkles , If we other chemical method there will be more side effects so it is better to use natural method .The Jade Roller is a facial tool that can be an extremely beneficial skincare device that can be used around your schedule in the comfort of your home. Therefore, you get to skip on spa bills and avoid dermatologists and maintain your skin health on a regular basis without having to rely on anyone else. Rose Quartz is another similar facial tool that aids with skin tone management. The Rose Quartz works similarly to that of the Jade Roller, however, the jade roller comes with better anti-wrinkle properties that make it the better solution for anti-aging. The combination of the two rollers can work wonders for your skin. Also, you will be able to avoid spa bills as you have the best skincare solution that works around your daily schedule. for information about the jade roller plese go through the website https://mymakady.com/jade-roller-2/
  5. What does the cirmage lifting stick correct? The cirmage lifting stick improves skin elasticity around your forehead, lifts the skin around the facial area, tightens skin below the chin and skin’s curve lines, enhances overall blood circulation of the skin, helps with anti-aging and skin tightening, increases eyelid elasticity, enhances cheek tightening and elasticity around the neck area. Cirmage stick supplements the skin with 4 different types of nutrients that promote collagen production around the skin. Collagen helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and adds radiance to the skin. The Niacinamide present in cirmage helps in reducing wrinkles and helps with the hydration of the skin.
  6. Swimming is also best method for weight loss. another best method to reduce belly is using slimming machine . It does not requires any kids of workout .It is one of the skin tightening method of weight loss . for information please go through the blog "Weight Loss – It’s a lifestyle" in the website " in the website "https://mymakady.com/2020/04/06/the-secret-to-weight-loss-is-consistency/"
  7. Best natural treatment for acne is using the massaging therapy. Face massage can be done using the Jade roller . The jade stone that makes up the massager is cold in nature. Therefore, whilst massaging your face, it causes inflammation to subside, and thus, making it a great tool for acne treatment. The coolness of the jade stone also helps in depuffing your morning face, making you feel and look fresh. Best jade roller in the market is Jade roller By Mymakady. and the website link is https://mymakady.com/jade-roller-2/
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