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  1. Yes, is the laundry load sensor, laundry material sensor and even the water temperature sensors.. It doesn't discolor the clothes easily, right?
  2. hahahaXD so true.. I can't imagine those washing machine without inverter.. cuz it does affected directly the durability of the washer. the motor easy broken, short durability..seriously not worth at all..
  3. it depends on which models you buy lar..you can check on their website.. https://club.panasonic.com/my_en/home-appliances/washer.html Yes, it's saved more spaces since the unit was smaller than the average washer.. I think it's very convenient to fit in for those small apartment or condo also like mine well..leaking doesn't happens on me becoz the Washer got laundry load sensor, make sure i don't overload
  4. Totally right! @WHI2021
  5. just my opinion, I recommend you, the latest Panasonic Front Load Washer.. I've been using Panasonic Washing machine for years and yet it's still my favorite! It's really water saving the strong power saving tho, They had recently upgraded with more better features, more advanced technology like Blue Ag. It's something like technology that combines UV light and also Ag ions to kill the 99.9% bacteria.. Super duper hygiene and strong durability! It's really trustworthy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8HlEf-grgU
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