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  1. But my mom said cannot take orange during pregnancy coz it will cause baby to have phlegm... :(
  2. I think you should do blood test, especially to find out if you're immuned to Rubella, Chicken pox and Hepatitis B. It's dangerous for pregnant mom to get any of these, so better check out first. Oh, and if you just recently take the shots, do not get pregnant in 3 months time. Yes you should take folic acid, but as for Iron, sorry no idea. :P By the way, good luck trying.
  3. My sister had her baby delivered at UMMC last year December, she said the services and facilities were good. Natural birth plus epidural, the bill came out was RM500++, overall she was satisfied. As for HUKM, my friend had her 1st baby delivered there, she was pretty happy with the services and thus had her 2nd baby delivered there too (last year July). But this time was terrible, she complained the nurses there were rude, and the doctor didn't attend to her immediately when the baby's head was already out! In fact, the nurses was trying to stop the baby from coming out! So I think really depends on luck... sighs..
  4. kjoanne79, you must be earning very well, already got such great machine at home still go for facial.. so envy... :P Where you stay? Possible I become your customer too? ^_^ fluene, I've checked out the website http://www.guthy-renker.com but didn't see such product leh.. lexisgal, I will go and check out. Thanks for the info... :)
  5. I didn't know that Sg Wang got such shops, em... will go and check it out. BTW, can I know the shop name? How long have you been using the massager and how long it takes to see the result? The one you are using is only using ultrasound waves or with ionizer too? Ops, sorry if I ask too many questions coz I am really serious and thinking to buy one. ;) :P
  6. What model is that, why so cheap one? Is it good? Product of E*ken? Why are you still going for facial since you already have this machine at home?
  7. Has anyone heard or tried this before, this thing is getting very hot nowadays but quite expensive to own one. But, if the result is really good, I'm thinking to get one too coz can't afford to go beauty salon forever. Please feedback ya.. thanks!
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