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  1. Hi All, I need to help my sis to look for a hotel/restaurant that would fit about 800 pax around klang valley areas for 12/01/2013, so far check most venue, they are either booked or cant fit that many pax... any have suggestion?
  2. My baby was born in TMC (tropical medical center) been seeing the Paediatrician Dr Pria, she is pretty nice and been happy with her service so far :) but was wondering does anyone know of any children clinic that is open during Sunday in kepong, KL Area? coz so far I have checked most clinic are not open on sunday... would be good to have one just incase baby needs it... you cant predict when your baby will need to see dr :P
  3. hi everyone, I am planning to get a soya milk maker and was wondering anyone of you own a soya milk maker? or can anyone recommend a brand or where to buy them? so far some of my friend are recommending empress soya milk maker.. is that any good? (by the way I think Cosway is selling this)
  4. Hi all, I have a Ameda Lactaline set, saw that they have car adapter for sale on overseas shopping web site, does anyone know where I cabn buy one in malaysia ?
  5. hey ling, penang you can go without much research but langkawi i would advise you do some research first coz their interesting places are every where and some of them are just wasting time :P
  6. Hee hee was thinking about desa coalfield prior to Sri putra mas but Sri putra mas is nearer and with the Commuter station just 5 mins away is very good :) that way if needs too I can travel via commuter (i.e. to the aire port :P) So far Sri putra mas is ok, been living there for about 1 yr + now :)
  7. Finally gone through the first few pages of the thread Most likely will buy Ameda from http://www.enjoybreastfeed.com/ seems like a lot of people like their service :)
  8. You should ask those question before married :P once you are married it's how can I be a better husband/wife for my spouse
  9. Haa haa Q, looks like you are excited to move here :P, so far so good, nothing major happening over here ar Sri Putra Mas. Your Phase they started clearing land already so most likely will start piling soon :P
  10. <h1 class="tileTitle">Pureen Warehouse Stock Clearance </h1>From Saturday, 1st Aug 2009 - Sunday, 2nd Aug 2009 Pureen Warehouse Stock Clearance by Summit Company (M) Sdn Bhd at Lot 6, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya from 10am till 6pm. Participating brands are: - Pureen - Pureen Pride 'N' Joy - Pureen Basic - Tracia Toiletries - Dr Mist Products featured: Baby diapers, baby apparels, baby toiletries, baby accessories, INCO adult diapers, adult toiletries, sanitary pads and maternity pads. Visa and Master accepted for purchases above RM150.
  11. Sorry to interrupt.... I was wondering did anyone have suggestions / info about Medela's Pump? Saw two of them the other day one is Mini Electric Plus (with two pumps) the other one is single pump, just would like to check..... is there any big difference between them? single pump or dual pump is better?
  12. posted in wrong thread sorry :P
  13. Hi aishiteru, Was wondering what brand of breast pump you use? I heard Medela was pretty good. any suggestion? thanks :)
  14. ai ya next time say so earlier lar :P i can exchange it to a two bed room apartment :) then can fir all in lor
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