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  1. Hi ,,, You could be right about him being shy. I will observe and talk to him again. Thanks for sharing on the English lesson
  2. We went back to his parents' house for dinner every weekend except may be <10 times in past 2.5 years. Besides, I had participated in all of his family gathering without failed too. In term of friends, he has not many and most of the time the wife was not invited. Men talk only! If I would tell him that, he shall join my family outings because I had been doing so. He would be upset because he thinks that is a threat. Guess what! Yesterday during our dinner out, I had spoken to him about the issue of him not joining my family outing. He said something and then, he shut up. When I pushed harder, he said he was not going to say anything because the more he said, the more problems we will get. I was totally pissed off. Can a problem get resolved by just leaving it as it is? Is this men typical thinking? Guys, really appreciate for your reply and advice. I don't have a solution and let's put this aside. Anyway, next Monday is a holiday, enjoy the day off!!
  3. Now, I am accepting the fact that he is not that socialable with my friends. Also, he will try to avoid any family dinners if possible. I forsee a problem. Sooner or later, he and I will be living in 2 different world. We will have less topics to talk about besides kid and work (luckily I am still working). Communication... communication.... I haven't had any heart to heart talk about all these things. Don't know how to talk to him. Any tips?
  4. Parents have been asking about his absence all the time. But, what can I say besides making up some excuses for him. However, he will show his face during CNY 2nd day and some major family dinners. If he doesn't even show up during CNY 2nd day, he would have sleep in baby room now, or I would have moved out. What you had pointed out is true, respect is the word. He should have respected my parents as much as he respects his own.
  5. Hi Diana, We're only married for <3 years. Before marriage, he was pretty ok and joined me for all of the activities. Guess, men tend to behave differently before and after marriage. I did ask him about the reasons for not joining for many times. His reply was, "I am not good in talking, so better remained silence or not joining", "I dont' know your friends", "I don't like your friends", "I better sleep then going out so early in the morning". etc etc etc. So, most of the time, it will be me, baby and him for any dinners or outing. Or, I will join my friends or parents myself. Since I am the only child, I am obligated to bring my parents out for dinner or at least Genting once in a while. However, my hb will not understand and always had his reasons. So, ended up I drove my parents out for dinner or outing with my bb and maid.
  6. We clean bb tongue by using handkerchief while bathing her. It's hard to clean in the beginning and my daughter would keep her mouth shut. Or, she will bit our finger. however, after multiple attempt, then she is ok. At the same time, we will give her as much water as possible during day time. Hoping that the water will wash away the milk in her tongue.
  7. You're the only child in your family and your parents are old. However, your hb or other half refuses to join any of your family activities. Furthermore he doesn't participate in any of your friends' outing too. What will you do? I feel sad and lonely because the man that I married (I love?), doesn't share my life. Could you share your experience and what I can do?
  8. Definitely offended except my parents and husband. However, my MIL asked about my salary when she knew that someone she knows was earning well. I was damn offended, but if I didn't tell, she would get upset. Sigh! I won't blame her because she hadn't been working in corporate world before, indeed a full time house wife. My brothers are earning much more than I, don't think they will be interested in my pay. HAHAHAHA
  9. Hi there, Your boss sucks! I think he would be one of those inefficient bosses. When I read your story about your boss, i some how could relate to my HK boss. He did treaten my colleague in a team audio conference that he will give him a rating 4 (very poor rating) if he didn't do the task. I found him very unprofessional. Anyway, let's all do our work,,, and not let our "BOSS" spoils our day.
  10. Ikea cafeteria is designed for family. They're providing stroller for multi-layers trays so you could order for the whole family alone. Besides, the cafeteria offerrs free disposal napkins for babies, plastic utensils for kids. Very child friendly. Their meat balls and fries are ok. During my recent trip early July 09, I found the meat balls were harder and not as nice as before.
  11. This is a useful website to purchase US products online. In the past, I am getting my sister in law in US to buy Baby GAP and Victoria Secret online, and then ship to me to KL. After currency conversion and shipping, still cheaper than Gap KL. Besides that, I only purchase air ticket from airasia online, cloth diaper from miabambi. Never tried eBay yet, not sure how is it. But my colleague just told me that she just bought a white coach bag from a online website, coachbargaincorner.blogspot.com. She got the bag for RM788 within 6 days and without any tax. very lucky.
  12. Dreamz, You're lucky to have a caring boss. Can tell he's not selfish and really caring.
  13. hi Rene, Maybe we can match make our bosses together. My boss is in his early 40s and lived in US before. Just that he's not tall (me and my colleague always teased him that he has a round and short neck - of course behind of the boss). Maybe, these bosses are too lonely and need love chemistry in their body. Your lady boss is very bad if she ignores the Malaysia team. Does your company has any 360 degree evaluation towards the company, boss and the team? We have it every year. The good thing is our identity will be hidden and the overall results will be known to the boss's boss and the boss's boss boss. Good! am looking forward for it.
  14. My daughter is almost 2 years old now. Since 2 months old till now, she will go to bed at 8.30pm and woke up at 7 to 8am. Before 12 months old, she would wake up at 12pm for milk, but not anymore. This works for me. Starting as early as confinement month, bring the baby into a quiet and dim room around 7pm. Leave her in the baby basket/baby cot alone. Only you, your husband or confinement lady to stay with her. Quiet and Dim ok. Baby needs to have the right environment to sleep. Sooner or later, she will get use to the routine.
  15. My girl is going to be 2 years old in Sep. She was a problem drinker and eater from birth till now. Could you imagine that my confinement lady was complaining about her drinking problem because she would wake up every hour at night to drink 1 oz. During day time, she could take max. 2 oz. Sometimes, she refused any milk even though it's over 3 or 4 hours. She's not even 10kg now. Sigh! But, as long as she's healthy, I am not worried. Just remember this,, if they're hungry, they will sure drink/eat. Maybe, their stomach has gas, or the tit is too hard (my friend's girl refused Avent and only adored Pureleen), or it's too noisy, or try another milk.
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