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  1. Hi Woan Chin, Can you please send me her contact number? Thank you. litheng81@gmail.com
  2. Hi I'm interest with your car seat. how is the car seat condition? When u purchase it? Do you have pictures > Thanks , Fiona Goh
  3. me too want to view ur pre.wedding pict. pls pm me your link...:0 thanx a lot...
  4. Hi Jcjy, Can share with me your prewedding album? Pls pm me the link..:) Thanks..;)
  5. Hi Suevian, Mind to share with my your lovely wedding pictures from Mon Liza? my email is litheng81@yahoo.com. Thanks...:)
  6. Hi Jess, Mind to share with my your lovely wedding pictures? my email is litheng81@yahoo.com thanks...:)
  7. Hi Yee, Mind to share with me the link? my email is litheng81@yahoo.com. i'm also JM bride to be and my PG also Alvin. i still waiting to see my demo early of sept..
  8. mayb you can try the printing shop at Pudu, LH Creative. www.lh-creative.com I went there to print contents for my invitation cards quite cheap. can try to check with them. Ur JM bride also? i'm also JM BTB..
  9. Hi Samantha, Can i have the webpass too? thanks..:)
  10. Hi Shirley, Can share with me as well?litheng81@yahoo.com i'm JM bride also going for my PS soon in two weeks time..:) Hope to hear from you soon...:) thanks~
  11. Hi Carmen, I'm interested with the bride shape candle also. Can you PM me the price as well? Wat is the min order?
  12. Anyone notice that Dr.Jeremy Chua from Pantai, Bangsar had passed away 3 weeks ago due to heart problem? He is my uncle's fren and also my aunty and mummy's gynea. We we shock when got the news. What a waste we lost such a good n success doctor..:(
  13. Hi Kutumaro, Do you mind to share with me your PS pcitures? I'm also JM bride. My email litheng81@yahoo.com hope to hear from you soon!
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