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  1. Hi choupiku I"m sorry for the late reply....I have emailed you. Please check.
  2. Hi Everyone I"m sorry for the late reply as I was outstation to attend my dear cousin's wedding which was yesterday. Hence...as in answering everyone questions.. naixuhs85... postage to singapore can be arranged but the postage will be paid by you. I can go and check with poslaju or other courier services regarding the postage pricing. tc_foong.... I'm in Sibu...hence...If you want...we can arrange a time for your fren to meet up with me to see the dresses. Dorlisa The 1st Gown is BEIGE color...not WHITE...3rd Gown is WHITE....as I have both dresses to compare the colors... So I'll confirm with you that the gown is Beige color. As it is stated above I'm selling 1st Gown for RM200-00. However the postage will be paid by you also. I don't have exact measurements but like I said earlier...it fits UK 8 or 10 and it can be alter into one to two size later and of course it can be alter into a smaller size. I"m 164 cm tall and about 54 kgs (to give you a rough ideas on my sizes).
  3. This is a extra long veil which I bought at RM100.00. I'm letting it go at RM50.00. The little white flower on the veil I added it on myself, it can be easily taken off without damaging the veil. -SOLD Further this is another extra short veil that I bought. I'm selling it at RM15.00. It's a brand new veil which I never used it before as I found the long veil after I bought this veil -SOLD
  4. I'm also letting go this beautiful yet simple satin Purple Evening Gown at RM250-00. It comes with a can-can to be wore inside. It can be alter to one or two size bigger also. It is in perfect condition. Only been worn once and dry clean once.
  5. I would like to view your pictures also...Please PM me...thank you... datinating@yahoo.com
  6. I'm also would like to sell off my car wedding deco flower (love shape) which I have no longer have any use of....at the price of RM50.00. It is in very god condition (as shown in the picture). You can also put a couple of dolls in the middle. -SOLD
  7. I attached here a few more pictures of the necklace... Necklace 1 Necklace 2
  8. Dear Celine... That's okie....you will never asked too many question when you are buying stuff online. It is standard to ask questions in order for you to purchase the right stuff. I already PM you the pictures. Kindly check.
  9. Hey gals...Pei Pei and Big Momma I think we are a bunch of gals that share our interest in this wall decals...no need to be so suspicious all the time. I also personally recommended the Korean Lady products...but some might not agree or like it...but I don't mind... So what I'm trying to say is....everyone have their favorites.... Please don't let this misunderstanding affect others that actually willing to share their opinion and posting beautiful pictures of their wall decals in this forum.... but scared that will be misunderstood for touting for business here. Personally you all give me alot of ideas... I really appreciate it and I'm sure others also
  10. Dear Celine.. When I wore the 3rd dress during my dinner reception, I didn't tied the straps on..as I had my necklace on..So it can be worn as a tube dress also. I"m sorry that I think its like of impossible for you to try on the dress as I'm in Sarawak. Hence, if you are in KL....how am I going to send it over to you for trying. I hope you understand. I'm 164 cm tall and weight 54kg. (hope can give you a rough idea) UK size 8 is a M size. You can go to Topshop or any UK sized dress shop to try whether you are a size 8 or 10. However, the dress can be alter as there are extras for alteration to one or two size larger. datina ur 1st and 3rd dress very nice. the 3rd dress if change the design to tube (without the strap will be more nicer). The UK size 8 o 10 is wat size in malaysia? can i try before i confirm to buy? very nice la the 1st n 3rd dress... celine
  11. Dear Big Momma.. That's okie...worse come to worst....I'll just repaint the house. I'm so lazy that by the time I"m taking those sticker down...it will be 2 or 3 years later. Hehehe.... Thanks for the advise.
  12. Hi.... Here are the accessories that I bought for my wedding ..... This set of necklace comes with a set of matching earrings....I'm selling it at RM80.00 This is a choker necklace and comes with a set of matching earrings....very nice when wear with a tube dress. I'm selling this at RM120.00 - SOLD This set of necklace I"m selling it at RM50.00....the reason I'm selling this necklace cheaper because I lost the matching earrings and still in the midst of finding it....and plus...there are 2 small diamond missing but not noticeable. ..... Other than that...it's in good condition http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/upload...0_259_20315.jpg Anyone interested kindly PM me...Thanks...
  13. Dear Big Momma, peipei, metoto... Thanks for the compliments.... The plant/birds decals actually cost me RM69 if I'm not mistaken. And I find it in a very good quality type of sticker and it's glossy also. I strongly recommended it. You can view the Korean lady website at http://blog.naver.com/soulahf/ By the way...no installation fees or anything...as I just bought the sticker and stick it myself with my hubby's help of course. It's actually very easy as long as you know which part is links to another part. I'll attached another wall stickers which I bought from Shevone next time. But don't really like its quality. Seems easily tear.
  14. Hi gals... I would like to share my wall stickers but camera not so good...hence the pictures not so clear...but I think you all will get some rough ideas...These are the wall stickers that I bought from the Korean Lady at the flee market.
  15. Dear Negisf... I want to share my point of view....I also grew up in a conservative family where pre-marital sex is a serious sin and consider also an act of adultery. Hehehe.... I will feel guilty everytime I have pre-marital sex. Hence most of the time I try to avoid feeling guilty by not having it. Living together before marriage is also prohibited and pregnancy before marriage is unacceptable according to my family values. Of course it all change after I get married as I have a high sex drive. my hubby and I will do it whenever we can. The first few weeks after our wedding, I will actually forget like ...oppss... I sin again...then think again...oh ya...I'm married already...so it's legal now. Hahaha.... I hope you get what I mean.... so ... my 2 cents worth of opinion is.... hold your gun and wait till Oct and respect her beliefs and family values.
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