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  1. France Taipei KL is different from France Taipei Ipoh, Penang... so dont confuse. Now France Taipei KL at loke yew is called Eminent France Taipei. I signed the package before the management is changed, the package is good and flexible. Overall i have to say, the SA ah Ling, is good, Shirley makeup is good. But since it change the management, the package is very very much different. I saw my friend package is very expensive and yet the package is lousy... The new management Joanne is a very fussy boss, is very very calculative . When sign the package, everything sound good, but when u want to upgrade single thing, or change single stuff, the price will kill you.... The photo quality wise, i have to say, with the price i pay, is good...( Old management, old package)... It is not worth to pay too much... so make sure you ask carefully.... Dont be greedy on the useless freebies..
  2. Belle

    Equatorial Hotel, K.L

    Hi , Can send to me ? hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  3. HI Deemona, Can send to me the quotation ? what else quotation you have ? hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  4. Tomoko, pease share with me hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  5. Hi Ecudo, Can share your pic and the contact, and quotation of your mUa , chris ?
  6. Hi, can share Angeline hp no and quotation
  7. Belle

    Grand BLue Wave hotel

    hi coffee, can email and give me the info ? hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  8. Hi, i only have 200 to 250 pax for my wedding dinner. ANy recommendations ?
  9. Hi, anyone heard about this hotel wedding ballroom ? Any comments on the food , ambience and price ?
  10. Hi Miss Lim, can share the quotation for the PJ hilton and min pax ?
  11. Hi Swiser, can send me the quotation ? hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  12. hi babysiew, can i see your photo from BS ? hoeyyee@yahoo.com
  13. HI Srawberry, Can share your photo ? hoeyyee@yahoo.cmo
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