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  1. hi there! i joined this forum back in 2007, and finally it's my turn to walk down the aisle on this coming november. i'm excited but at the same time quite stress due to the wedding preparations (chinese customary etc). hopefully i'm able to find the solutions or alternatives here and kick the stressful worm out of me, haha~ have a nice day
  2. how much u willing to let go dear? please pm me, thanks!
  3. thanks alot. it seems to have reduced my stress over long dating. yes i truly agree, it's not the duration that matters but the love within.
  4. my peers kept telling me that dating too long is not good. and once i heard from an elderly, a guy will lose interest with his girl after 7 years. i'm just wondering how true was that? i know i'm being superstitious but sometimes i just cant help myself to bother about it. me and my BF have been dating for almost 6 years now, yet we are still a happy couple. we are intending to get married 4 years from now, which means we will get married after 10 years in relationship. i believe there are pros and cons in the long dating duration. what do u have in mind?
  5. din realize this topic still in discussion after so long of my 1st post..lolz. anyway, ladies dont get engaged with this stupid LWM, they are not worth the money..
  6. facing same prob here..any1 mind to help?
  7. LeNg : omg..u serious?2799 for 5 sessions..omg.. i was just thinking bout it, but the price is really..stopping me..
  8. Hi Jas227, U can try to Cenosis, 1 of my friend went there(mid valley branch). She losed 8kg. First of all, I'm a trained and certified fitness professional and I totally agree that going to slimming centres are just waste of money. The truth is, they make you lose body water rather than fat. Worst, some slimming centres put you through some whacky diet which causes you to lose muscle mass as well due to poor nutrition. My cousin sister paid almost RM8K in total to a well known slimming centre (the one that always have full page adverts la :) ) to lose weight for her wedding 1 year ago, the results was so so..and she gained back all her weight after only 2 months of her wedding, even though she tried her best to watch her diet. The best way to lose weight and stay slim and healthy is through exercise and balanced diet. This has been confirmed by researches all over the world. If you look at developed countries, you don't see many of these slimming centres around as opposed to Malaysia (just check out Damansara Uptown..LOL) . The reason is..because ppl already know they don't work. I am willing to give free advice to any ladies here who wish to lose weight / stay healthy through proper exercise and balanced dieting. Just give me a tinker :) can u please gimme some advice on how 2 slim down my flabby arms?i dont really have a big size body, just that my arms make me look like those weight-lifter (LOL). i get cheated by a slimming centre before, so i dont trust them..perhaps some exercises could help me 2 deal with this prob.. :P
  9. i 100% support u.i've been cheated by this stupid LWM too..too bad, never crossed my mind that time 2 ask for refund..so ladies, pls do at least some research b4 sign up any package.. ;)
  10. wanna sell this on behalf of my aunt Export quality Maggie & Zoe brand new jacket with matching skirts and sling bag. for CHILDREN age 5 & 6 RM 30 free shipping for picture please refer here babyJab
  11. yaya..i wil set the goal & determine myself!!must have strong motivation in myself!! thanks fusionista for the exercise
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