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  1. Baby definitely have their own character. I believe you see the mixture of yours and your HB in him. As for my baby Jian Jian, I see both of my wife and mine in him. Anyway, it is definitely true that your emotions affect your baby. It was proven in the one of the National Geographic series. When the pregnant mother smiles, the baby inside her smiles too. To all the expecting mothers, smile always...
  2. wow babysiew, baby isaac smiles at so early age. you must be smiling and happy all the time during your pregnancy.
  3. baby jian jian at 2mths and 1 week old. He was "eeee..... hhhhaaaiii..... ang gu gu" with his mummy...
  4. he was at that position looking at his mummy for quite a while. his mummy was "missing" for 5 hours, has a new hair style and smell. I quickly took my camera and capture that special moment....
  5. hello Bao_B, I posted the photo in www.photobucket.com and I put a link in here.
  6. Found this topic and I would to share something. BTW, I'm a new father to my 1mth 2week old son. I've posted some of his photos in the Baby Photos thread. Check him out. I would like to share my experience from a father's point of view: 1. First of all, formula milk is "cow" milk. Why should our baby be drinking cow's milk instead of mother's milk? 2. Mother's milk is thin. It is easy for baby to digest. It is not an easy journey. Your baby will need to change at least 10 - 15 diapers a day. 3. Baby sucking breast milk is a tough job. Your baby will get tired after a few minutes. Wake him up to continue. 4. Don't stop stimulating for breast milk. Your supply will decrease even if you skip one session of expressing your breast milk. That happened to my wife. 5. Eat the right food. So far, I noticed that fish and papaya helps. Yeeyee, I will take note of fenugreek. For the sake of your baby health. Never give up on breastfeeding. Get your husband to be part of this incredible journey.
  7. Dear everyone, My son was born on the 1st Feb 09. Just want to share some of his photo with all of you. 5 day old 1 month and 1 week old
  8. No such thing as "what if". Cantonese said; if got "what if", there won't be beggars around"
  9. It's not about when your partner passed away whether if you choose to follow or not. It comes naturally. She just went away like that, no suicide or whatever. Anyway, something that I like to share especially how we treat our partner, our loved ones and probably our children. I believe a lot have shared in here what happened to them and seeking for advice. What I see is how we treat our partner, how we take our partner, our loved for granted. An example can be a simple promise to have dinner together but cancel it at the last minute because of work commitment. We have seen some cases where the parent promised their children for a vacation trip or to the places they like most. Somehow, this promise can never be fulfilled even after a lot of years. We expect our loved ones to understand what we are going through, be understanding of our excuses but we ourselves neglected their disappointment. I have been working like no days and no nights. It has been a few times forcing me to choose between my health, my family and my work. The choice is obvious right? But how many of us can actually do it when it matters. This about continuously doing something for someone you love rather than expecting your partner to do things for you. Finally, probably the thread starter should put it the other way round... "Can you live without your HB?" In my opinion, you just want to hear something sweet from your HB rather than accept the cruel fact that your HB cannot live altogether when you really are not around.
  10. I have met one couple. They hold hands wherever they go. When one of them passed away, the other followed a few weeks later.
  11. Probably you have not seen old couples that hold hands. When one of them passed away, the other one will follow shortly.
  12. From what I have learned, there are a few types of people in general: 1. Controllers In men, they are the superhero. I'm the best, I'm right. Love to be in control and their decisions are fast. These type of people are bad listeners. 2. Supporters Supporters won't come and take charge. They are the type who will quietly support from behind. Supporters hesitates. Want to go? No lah and then suddenly they will say "might as well go lah". Controllers hate supporters and vice versa. Supporters are the total opposite of controllers. 3. Analyzers Analyzers tend to analyze everything. They will go into very detail information. 4. Promoters Promoters are easily spotted. Promoters are usually the center of attraction. The laugh a lot and they almost like to say "hi" to everyone. However, promoters hates details and they are the opposite of analyzers. See what group is your husband fall into and handle him accordingly. If your HB is an analyzer, give him a lot of information, he will love it. But from the way you describe your HB, he is more likely to fall into the Controllers group. If he is a controller, be soft, be vulnerable with him. He will definitely fall for you again.
  13. Effective communication is about getting a message to another person effectively. If you think by doing MSN, YM and talk is not effective, then change it. If he doesn't get your message, what's the point of communication? You have been with your HB for 7 years and you still don't know him? I bet has not been listening to you from day 1.
  14. Hi crasygal, Asking a man to choose between his job and his wife. It is a tough choice. You are lonely and your HB is always in outstation during weekdays. He is always been like that before both of you got married. Probably to him, it wasn't an issue previously why is it an issue now? It is only either he change job and stay put in Klang Valley or you follow him. This is a tough choice. Something to ponder: 1. Why communication between both of you will always end up in quarrel? I believe that one of the party is offended already. 2. What kind of topic in the communication? It is no point talking about traffic, work, colleagues & etc. It should be both of you. Finally, don't even bring up the separation of divorce again if you intend to keep this relationship.
  15. Homedec is really big. My wife and me spent almost RM4.5k there. We bought: - 3 room doors (semi hollow) @RM299 each, installation charge is RM80/door - 1 main entrance door @RM599 each. installation charge is RM300 - A lot of Yale locks. 20% discount on Yale locks. - House lighting
  16. Tomorrow last day. I'll go and check it out tomorrow.
  17. Thank you. I'll check it out this weekend.
  18. Hi Babysiew, Can I know where did you get the doors? PM the contact to me please? Thank you
  19. Hi Gene, PM me the cost too. It will be good if you can let us know the cost of the big mirror Thanks
  20. One more thing, are you happy or satisfy with the intimacy level between you and your HB? Maybe this is the area you need to look into too. Also, are you a very independent woman? Always settle things by yourself? If the answer is yes, probably you can "pretend" to always need his help. Let the men's superhero character to surface.
  21. MayS, Don't get upset about it. Improve the situation and I believe you have achieved that. In my personal opinion and from your post, it seems that the intimacy between you and your HB is getting at an unhealthy level. Implementing a strict 30min - 1hr daily of "talk" will not help. We need to communicate, use your heart to communicate. It doesn't need to be a routine.
  22. MayS, I'm glad that things turn out good. Anyway, I would like to add that, it is not his mistake. As I have said earlier men and women are too different creature. It is because of these differences that men and women are attracted to each other. Men have needs and women have needs. Generally, men will need to be alone when things do not turn well for them. And generally, women behave differently when the same unpleasant event hit them. We need to give our partner the space when things do not turn well for them. Example, leave your man alone when he needs one. Lend a shoulder to your wife or give a heart to listen to her when she needs one. It is through communication that we constantly remind our partners that we men and women are different and refrain from taking advantage of each other. Do not build huge expectations towards them. Instead, constantly giving the care and love to them. And by the way, look beyond what is given to you by your partner. It is the thought that counts. And one more thing. People won't change, don't expect your man to change. Did you know that there is a phrase in chinese that; it is easier to change a dynasty and than to change a man. The best way to deal with it, just accept who he is.
  23. I will be very uncomfortable and angry when I really don't have the extra cash and my wife keep on hinting or inform me she wants this and that. Anyway, my wife will never do that to me.
  24. Exactly. That's the way how the society perceive what is birthday. We need to appreciate our parents instead of ourselves on our birthday anniversary. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that, you can still live without celebrating your birthday because you already accepted it for a good 10 years but can you live without your HB? There was a saying, don't marry the person you can live with. Marry the person you can't live without.
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