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  1. Oh....Too bad :( Hehe..hope got more ppl order so that we can catch up with the 2nd batch...
  2. Do we have enough ppl to order this drawing board?
  3. Hi Babysiew, So far there are how many orders for 2nd batch already? Appreciate your effort in getting the 2nd batch, i want one. Thanks.
  4. Hi babysiew, Thanks ya. If there is any extra, then u just reserve one for me because i confirmed want it
  5. Hi babysiew, Is there any extra drawing board right now? I am really interested to get one for my boy. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi Bao B, where you order the cup cake from? Can you give me the info cause i also wanna order cupcake for my baby birthday :)
  7. Hi jcjy2009 and tinkerbelle, Thanks a lot for your opinion and recommendation, will go there and have a look :)
  8. Hey yvonne118, Your baby already know how to stand by holding the side of the playpen? But i think he might not able to climb out rite? How about his baby cot? I am bringing my baby to go look for baby cot this weekend, let him try and see then only will buy :)
  9. Hi Meiya, Thanks for the recommendation, will go look for the baby cot this weekend
  10. Thanks all for the reply At first my husband would follow his sister advise but I had explained to him that the baby cot is much safer than the mattress on floor.Now he agreed on buying a baby cot as well So, i will start looking for a baby cot soon...hehehe...
  11. Hi jcjy2009, Thank you so much for your reply. Ya, i think i will buy baby cot as i don't agree to let my baby sleep on the mattress on the floor. I think is more dangerous. Just that my in law keep asking me not to buy baby cot :S Now i will start looking for a suitable baby cot which can let him sleep for few years.. :) Thanks again
  12. Hi gals, My baby is now 7.5 months old. All this while he has been sleeping with me and my husband on our bed. He rolled a lot when sleeping, sometimes he will rolled until sleep just right beside me :S sometimes he will make some noise and need me to pat him then he will continue to sleep. But soon he will learn to crawl and we are concerned that if he wake up and crawl at nite without our notice, he will fall down from our bed. Our bed frame is quite high. So now we decided to buy a baby cot but my sis-in-law said better to buy one mattress to put on the floor let him sleep.She said the baby can climb out from baby cot cause her baby try to climb out from play pen before. If i were to buy one mattress to put on the floor let him sleep, i am scare he will crawl or knock the head although i cover the surrounding of the bed using bolster and cot bumper.I think is more dangerous. Anyone's baby sleeping in baby cot now, the baby can get to climb out from the baby cot?For me i think is not easy for them to climb out rite?since is wood type one, not like play pen. Another concern is tat my baby likes to sleep on his stomach and he quite often place his face facing down the mattress, so i should get him a latex mattress instead?Anyone's baby similar to my baby sleeping position?How do you cope it? Hope to get the opinion from you gals, thanks a lot...
  13. Hey Meiteoh, Ya, i don't give much, just a pinch or two. This is because sometimes when we bring him out for lunch or dinner, he will be looking at us and sometimes he will make some noise. So thought to give something let him eat :P
  14. Can a 7 months old baby eat plain bread like those gardenia or high5 bread?
  15. Thanks meiteoh for the response... By the way, if we feed our baby fruits, will they refuse to drink milk after taste the sweetness in the fruits? I'm kinda worry to start feeding my baby fruits...
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