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  1. Is she Singaporean? May I know how much is her charge for servicing in Malaysia?
  2. Does ur aunt still supply the wine? Pls pm me ur price/ bottle and min order... My EDD is mid April'14, will it be too rush?
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  5. Hi all, I have some kids attire for sale. These items are new and good condition. Old Navy Sweater (12-18mths) Dark Blue Old Navy Sweater (3yrs) Red Old Navy Sweater (4yrs) Brown Summer Dress (Pink) Size: 110, 120 & 130 Girls Set Wear (White Top, Green Pants) Size: 110, 120 & 130 Burberry Dress Size: L & XL Baby Gap girls set (5 yrs) Baby Gap boys set (Robot) Size: 3, 4 & 5yrs Boys Tee (Grey) Size: 100, 110 & 120 Tom & Jerry Tee Size: M Leg Warmers and Knee Protector (Various) Interested pls pm me. Price negotiable. :-)
  6. Malaysian Corporate giant BERJAYA CORPORATION has officially launched it's free-concept store/ franchising including mini-marts, organics stores, pharmacy, etc. Under the free-store concept, you will have no worry on the initial renovation, rental, utilities plus you will be supply with products on consignment basis. Business owners of these stores not only enjoy profits from store sales but also profit from their network sales, worldwide. Hence we are now looking for suitable candidates who are interested to be our business partner for these franchise business. You can now run a business of yourself but NOT BY YOURSELF at 0 cost, Risk free! Please let us know if you or any entrepreneur friends of yours who are interested with this business opportunity (Fresh Grad pharmacist most welcome). Feel free to contact: Email: chailin_dear@yahoo.com Skype: chailin_lim H/P: 016-3022468 We Color Your World!
  7. Babysiew, I guess I know who ur fren is.. :) Should be the same person...
  8. Yes.. yes..it's like d sound of emergency car brakes... my new born is making lots of this sounds.. normal yeah?
  9. I was curious at 1st wat she's doing in d room.. so, on n off i spot-check lar.. ne how, i stll consider her ok lar now tat my cf period has ended.. at least i c her main concern is of bb.. in terms of bb care, she's good..
  10. Congratulations! Kaylee is so adorable.. And wow! She winks at 2 months? I love tat pics most..
  11. HI All... I am on my confinement now ... I had been introduce to my CF lady by friend of friend... We met up to discussed by 28wks of my pregnancy and I found her fit for the job and hired her for RM2800+RM200 Compulsory a/pow.. On the 2nd day after my delivery, my hubby fetch her to our house from the station (she came from the northern part) and reach my home ard 12noon.. As soon as she puts down her luggage and change.. she starts making my lunch.. The way she work seem so prof... and I am so happy.. She takes good care of my new born..cleans the kitchen well.. a lil' bit of households and most importantly have the patience to take care of my elder daughter of 1.5 years as well.. Her cooking I have think I have no complaint too.. We have good rapports n can talk a lot, teaches me lots of bbcare... n i feel so relief with her.. Somehow, things doesn't alwix go too smooth.. 2 days ago, after my breakfast, she told me she has to replace a diff CF lady to me as a close relative of hers met wif an accident n passed away.. On the same night, the new CF lady came n I see her passing every details of her jobs to the new CF lady... I was so sad cum worry tat nite as I m not so satisfy wif the new CF lady from 1st impression... I almost couldn't fall asleep that nite.. The next morning came, which is just yesterday.. my CF lady is still around..still passing on her routines info to her (for the day session as of bathing my daughter.. breakfast etc..) Finally she left ard 11am... and I monitor the way my current (new) CF lady in every detail... She's alwix in the room wif bb behind close (not locked) door... I wonder wat she's doing.. Clothes in the machine done but not hang out.. My bathing water not boil.. OMG.. I almost frust but i waited ... So, tat day.. everythg went kelam kabut for her.. Normally by 3pm, our clothes will get dry and space are ready for the 2nd batch of clothes.. but not yesterday.. By 5:30pm, she has not get started making my dinner, not 'lap' my BB yet is also time for milk.. my daughter have not take evening bath n almost time for her poriddge.. So, I offer my helping hand to BB so that she can cook.. By the time I had my dinner.. I misses so much on my ex-CF's cooking! And I have 11 days more to go.... :(
  12. Hi all, I registered my 2008 born BB with TAWAS and has approved succesfully for I am a Selangor- born mom. Hmm.. they required certification from ppl like ADUN officer if both mom & dad not born in Selangor but have resides in Selangor for more than the period they indicated. I don't think I/C address gives any effect but I/C no. is (Selangor-born is XXXXXX-10-XXXX). For those who are hesitating, just give it a try.. Since the programme is continuing this year, I will again register my coming soon BB with them.. hehehe
  13. You are only 30 weeks plus. Your PP is minor so your doctor will scan you every 2 weeks. So by 34-36th week, your placenta may have already 'move' up and no longer PP. Serdang is OK. If your PP is minor (type 1 or 2), most major private hospital can handle this. If your PP is posterior in stead of anterior than the risk is even lower as this kind of case is easier to do as likelihood of going through the placenta during surgery is lower. Thx a lot... :) Have had shread off my headaches on choosing private/ public hospitals now..
  14. I have been practicing O&G for past 6 years as specialist or 10 years including my trainee time. I can't reveal where am I practicing for ethical reason. Hi nckeat, Can U recommend whether GH or private is better if I m having Placenta Previa? Thx! If you have placenta praevia especially those major one (type 3 or 4) and with previous C section scar, than you are in a very high risk group. You have very high risk of bleeding especially during C section so much so your dotor may counsel you regarding possibility of hysterectomy to save your life in case bleeding cannot be stopped. So your hospital should fullfill these criterias: 1. Have senior obstetrician who can do cesarean hysterectomy. 2. Have good blood bank support and have a system that can deliver any amount of blood within minutes. 3. Good support service like lab, ICU. 4. Have multidisciplinary doctors like surgeon, vascular surgeon and anesthetist (not that type of solo obstetrician practice in shoplot). 5. Good neonatal ICU service. So for above criterias, I think GHKL, Selayang, Ampang, Putrajaya should be the choice. For private, depend how confident your obstetrician, imagine when you bleed, the ambulance have to beat the jam from PJ / Subang to National Blood Bank in KL and beat the jam back to private hospital. In GHKL, the blood bank just across the street and they have bunch of cheap labour (house officer) to run the blood for you FREE 24 hour. Are you now in hospital. Because if you got PP major, you should be admitted till delivery because bleeding in PP cannot be predicted and if major torrential bleed happen, you need C section immediately. Staying at home may be dangerous because you may not have enough time to reach hospital if major bleed happen. So my simple answer is public hospital is better if you got PP major. Anyway discuss with your doctor. How fast you can get the blood is the most important factor. When I was in one of the state maternal mortality meeting, we came across mnany cases that mother died during C section for placenta praevia because of bleeding and the blood support is very poor especially in private maternity centre. Dear nckeat, 10Q so much for ur information.. My EDD is 23/8/2009 and the doc detected PP on my pregnancy since week 20. Our scan last week shows that the PP is consider as type 1-2. I do not have any compliations no C-Sect on my last pregnancy... Touch wood there's no bleeding currently but am trying hard to take pre-cautions on that .. So, apart from those public hospital u recommended, what about Serdang Hospital? Though I have my 1st delivery there, I am not very sure about the facilities or expertise U have mentioned above; ie multidisciplinary doctors like surgeon, vascular surgeon and anesthetist ...
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