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  1. Hi All, My boy just admitted into hospital last week, high fever, goes down after med, goes up again after few hours, only fever, no cough no flu... brough him to see dr. my dr did a blood test and sed it's virus infection. ask for admission because the high was too high (39.4) and there's a few other similar cases in the hospital with the same symptom ~ I think it's better not to bring ur baby out to public too often~ because baby gets infected easily because they r still small~
  2. Same here, I always plat the Mozart music when i was preggy, the CD was given by ANMUM, heh~ My baby rarely cry, and likes music alot, musci always calm him~ hehe~
  3. Hi BabyJazz, Dun give up easily oh~ both my nipples bled and cracked the first nite after i delivered my baby, i only fed him about 2 times. I showed my paed my nipple condition, and ask her wat if bb suck in my blood when feeding? she told me not to give up and keeps feeding~ it will get better and when she is inside my body already he take in alot of my blood, so it's not a problem~ hehe~ the second day in the morning i have to sit on the feeding room, hold him and BF him for 2.5 hours, he suck for awhile and fall asleep, when i try to pull out my nipple, he din allow and keeps sucking again, continuously for 2.5 hours me sitting there and holding him, imagine how tired i was especially just delivered the previous day... but i m glad those are over.. hehe~ u can either ask for some cream to apply from ur doctor, or just squeeze out some milk and apply back on ur nipple after feeding, that's wat the nurses in the hopsital taugh me~
  4. I used to have this problem also, One breast produce only 60ml and another produce about 120ml!, it's the left side tht produce less, so i always start to feed my baby with left side of breast first, then the right side, amd pump out the the remaining in right milk~cause i feel that my baby suction is stronger than the breastpump~ hehe i had over supply milk problem, my CL lady during confinement period and MIL make Fish soup or other chinese soups for me everyday and i drink like 2,3 bowl daily ( big bowl oh)... everyone sed maybe it's because of that i have so much milk, my boy is 9 months now and i still BF him and pump out extra 120ML every morning to store. He still get choke sometimes during feeding cause after a few suckle my breast wil be engorged and the milk flow out too fast for him to take in~ heheheh~ i feel that taking more fluids help in increasing milk supply. hope this help~
  5. Hi everyone~ thank you so much for ur reply and concern, i have called my doc befoer going there, she ask me to observe him.. see is there's anymore blood~she sed since its only abit.. it might be only becoz of his mouth bleeds a lil since he is teething and like biting everything he get hold of~ :)
  6. Has anyone come across this? my baby vomit and i can see a bit bit of blood in the milk ~ is that normal ? :(
  7. My boy always raises his butt, but not when he is crawling.. hehe~he tried to use his leg to help in moving forward also.. but i can see his hand got more strength ~
  8. Definitely not for my case. Is it not all babies will love solid food at start. My girl only accepting solid at about 10 months old and till now, she doesn't eat a lot of variety too. And of course, she rejects all kind of formula milks that I tried to give her. My Baby doesn't want bottle! even i pump out and feed him the breastmilk in bottle also he doesn't want, he starts solid exatly at 6th month. but he still prefer my milk ~ hehee
  9. Yes!! i can totally understand when you say that confinement centre is not supportive about u breastfeeding your baby, For anyone who is going to be due and from penang and decide to go to a confinement centre, i would definately not recommend you to go to ***** ( msg me if you want to know , as i do not want to mention this centre's name in public) I had a bad experience with that confinement centre, i ended up staying there for about 10 days only and went home and hire a confinement lady.
  10. Yes i heard about this too, especially when u always sterilise it~ :) imagine the bottle always under high temperature~
  11. Hi Anyone? My baby started crawling last week, non stop! but he doesn't know how to use his leg to push his body forward, he just use his hand to drag his whole body to the front, and sometimes scratch the floor and all his nails are abit broken n so ugly anyone experience this before? should i not let him crawl first?
  12. I think it's perfectly normal for u not to have milk during the first few days ba... I din have milk also for the first 2 days... i remeber posting about my story here b4.. but i forgot under which topic.. anyway.. After delivered my baby around 3 in the afternoon, the nurse bring back the bb forme to breastfeed when i was still lying on my bed ( i had epidural) .. after he sucks for like 5 mins... he din want it anymore.. but when i look at my nipple.. already got blood there! my nipple cracked..~ then second time.. around 7 in the evening.. nurse bring him to my room for me to feed him again.. this time i give him another breast.. again.,. cracked! .. so my both breast also cannot use lo... then midnite i cannot tahan anymore... i ask the nurse to give him formula .. hehe.. next morning my paed came n see me and i showed her my nipple.. she gave Medela Purelan to apply on it.. and ask me to feed my baby somemore... second day around 11 i went to the nursing room and feed him there.. sat there for like 2 hours.. he keeps suckling and fall asleep and continuosly doing this for 2 hrs.. frequent and long hr feeding for 2nd and 3rd day... the fourth day i tried to use my manual breastpump to pump... only about 10 ML out..... then after 1 week... i have about 150ML every 3 hours... hehe.. but my bb not taking so much.. some milk i pump out i gave back to the hospital because my paed sed they might need it~ So dun worry so much, i think if u keeps feeding ur breastmilk sure have enough o~ Another thing, i tot breastfeeding help ur uterus to contract? if u extract ur milk when u r pregnant, not sure if it will bring harm to the baby woh... <--- correct me if i m wrong anyone~~
  13. Did ur paed gave u paracetamol? she usually give me and ask me to give my bb when she got fever after the immunisation~
  14. Hi Xiaoposh, let me try and ask my paediatrician the next time i visit her for bb vaccine:)
  15. Hi vIv~~ me too~~Hubby is been saying that expenses go up because we cannot bring babies to hawker stall ~
  16. Hi SallyComMy, Thanks! . I have not tried feeding my baby in public yet cos she's still small, i seldom bring her out (but wonder what will hubby say if i use a cloth to cover like you do, hehe). Yesterday was our 1st trip out to shopping & i was able to nurse her in baby's room at Jusco 1U (that place is kinda dirty though). Like you said, if have a choice definitely wont wanna nurse in toilet. That time i express in toilet was an "emergency situation", hehe. How i wish i can be a SAHM so i can feed her direct more! Whenever she's with me, i will feed her direct. I am soooo worried my milk supply will be less now that she's not nursing as much as last time. In fact, i think i have blocked milk ducts because i started to feel pain last thurs. When i touch my breast, can feel it's lumpy. As I fed her direct over the weekend, the pain lessen & it's not that lumpy anymore. Janicelly.. me too.. i feel pain on some part of the breast..I went for ultrasound breast scan and found many cysts on my both when my bb is about 3 months old, doctor sed it's most probably milk, now my bb is 6 months and i dun feel that anymore~
  17. Bear Bear, Increase fluid intake, let ur baby suckle more, 2 hours once, hopefully ur milk will increase back, dun wait untill u have engorgement only u pump ur milk out, this is the reason y ur breastmilk supply is droping~ if you are working, try to pump out every 3 -4 hrs, and when u are at home, let ur baby suckle more often hope this help~
  18. Hey Janicelly Thumbs up for u!! hehe.. i feed my baby in the public.. i just sat on my seat in the restaurant wth a cloth covering my baby and my chest and feed him there, usualy i will try not to feed him in the public toilet because he doesn't like the smell , he won't eat much if i feed him in the toilet, and will cry for milk again after we come out... at first my hubby was not happy about me feeding with only a cloth covering, i just ignore him.. hehe.. now he is tired of nagging me also ~
  19. Makeupjunk,I think it should be normal o ler.. my bleeding stopped completely only 7 weeks after delivery. it stopped for 2,3 days few times during that 7 weeks
  20. I prefer baby girl also, my SIL baby girl is only 1 week younger than my BB.. she is so manja whenever i hold her.. and i got abit frustrated with my bb recently cause he is been really naughty.. grr grr.. but because of the In law ... no choice have to get a boy first...
  21. Hi vIv, I hope that i can be like you , not staying with Parents in Law, whenever i tell my husband that i want to move out and he will have 100 reason to tell me why it's better staying with them. Today my MIL actually Threatened me to stop breastfeeding my baby , if i dun listen , and they won't want to care so much about my baby , saying since i dun let them make the decision so next time anything happen they will just let me solve by my own, can u believe that? Even my own husband is not being supportive about me breastfeeding my baby~, he even tell my MIL to throw away my Breast milk and make formula milk for my baby when i m not around!!! sigh~so so so sad .... and dunno wat to do, i can't argue with her about breastmilk is better cause he keeps saying my baby is skinny... only that day i brought my baby out and we saw another 4 month old baby and he looks alot smaller than my baby , and guess what my MIL told me? That one is malay baby ma, of course smaller... I was speechless and everytime we talk about this topic what i can do is to keep quiet ~ sigh sigh sigh!!!
  22. GOOD LUCK Janicelly Post up ur baby photo soon~~
  23. I think it costed me about RM500 i believe it's available in most hospital ~
  24. My labor was induced also.having mild contraction for 2 weeks and keeps rushing to hospital for 4 times in that 2 weeks and being told that i m not really in labor yet~my doc suggested that i induce labor ~ got induced 11:30AM , epidural around 12, doctor broke my water at around 2 2:20 the midwife notice my bb's heartbeat dropping (fetal Distress), called the doctor. doctor reach my labor room at 2:30 and check i was only 4,5cm dilated, and told me he might have to push me into OT for c-section, i was so worried that time, luckily 2:40 i m 9CM dilated already, they help me into position ( leg lifted up and spread open) doctor ask me to push and push, i tried to push so hard and keep asking doctor whether i was pushing correctly because my lower body almost totally numb and i couldn't feel anything, 5 mins later my baby is borned ~ i started chatting with my relatives and frens at around 15mins after labour, they was suprised because did not sound tired at all ~ i believe it's the labor pain that makes u feel tired ~ since i din feel the pain at all, epidural started before i have strong contraction~ whenever ppl ask me whether how painful is labor i gave them a blank face because seriously i have never experience it~ basically my labor was quite smooth onlly the fetal distress part scared me for 15 mins~ I have heard stories about inducing labor might cause fetal distress, cause u will have stronger contraction~ not sure if it's true but if i m pregnant again i probably won't induce this time~ but i will still go for epidural ~
  25. Since i planned my pregnancy i tested with the home pregnancy test the 10th day after my ovulation and i already got a faint line. and it's been a year now i still remember how happy my hubby look when i showed him the positive test and the first word he said to me was calling me 'mummy' hehehehehe~
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