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  1. Hi Christine, can you share the pics for me and contact no. as well? Thanks alot!
  2. Hi everybody, thank you in advance for those who reply to my query. I'm curious to know how much $$$ a couple would normally set aside for banquet decoration and what sort of decoration they would look into first?
  3. hi..Thanks everyone for the great info!! hi, Fluene, may iI have Steven's email or contact number? Thanksss!!
  4. Hi, all... Can I ask, for hiring a Wedding Planner, we can save more $ from the source introduced by Wedding Planner, is it true? I would like to find out more service rendered by Wedding Planner, and the info & services sourced by them, are we paying the reasonable price to their suppliers? Fluene, As you hiring Stephen Fong for 2 months, what service did he help you for a 2 months period? Please advice. Many thanks!
  5. hi, anyone has idea what do wedding planner do? what are the charges like? Thanks!
  6. oic. any clue when & where is the next fair?
  7. Anyone can provide me information regarding when & where is the next 'Bridal Fair' in KL or PJ? Thanks!
  8. Hi everybody! i'm new to this site. Recommended by my fren & i hoped i'll get to know more frenz here to share about wedding stuffs as well as creative ideas.
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