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  1. Most babies are suppose to double their birth weight by 6-mths and Triple their birth weight by 12-mths My younger boy did not fall into this category, unfortunately. So, this would depend on your son's birth weight. What was his birth weight? You can introduce oil into his diet, either add into his milk or give it direct like what I do. It helps to increase the weight. However, most important is good sleep. But always trust your instincts, as parents, we always know best. If you are in doubt, talk more to your specialist and if you need to, go and seek second opinion.
  2. Firstly many thanks to all parents for your well wishes and advice. Some updates for my younger boy. He is now 17-mths old and he weights about 9-kgs only. Although his weight has improved since we started the protein and giving him oil, he is still very underweight compared to his peers. We have taken him for various tests, from a MRI Scan to Chromosome testing which thankfully was negative. However, the doctors have diagnosed him as having Neurofibromatosis or in short “NF”. The most common symptoms of NF are patches of ‘coffee’ colored birth marks or also known as “café-au-lait” and if a person has more than 5, then it is likely the person has NF. Coincidentally, I also have these birthmarks; I never knew its implications and it was only recently that I was told that I was also suffering from NF although I was okay during my childhood and adulthood. 90% of the time, NF is harmless but in severe cases, it can cause ‘failure to thrive’ and possibly some learning impairment issues. There is no cure and we are told just to observe and spend more time talking and interacting with him and to ensure that he is well fed and to increase his intake of solid food. My younger son’s diet has improved in the last 2-mths (>1.5 kgs) and he is also sleeping longer during the day but he is still not sleeping throughout the night which is essential for this growth. But, I am praying that his condition will improve as time goes by. So parents, please take note of what the ‘café-au-lait’ birthmarks can mean.
  3. my two cents. When you take your son to the paedtrican, try to phase your question as an answer by asking like I am concerned about my son's lungs as he was born premature. Should I ensure that his primary environment is smoke free. Make sure your HB is there with you when the paed says yes, of course the environent should be smoke free.
  4. you should only ask for Presents from Close Friends and that too, you have to be mindful of how much the Present cost. Normally these close friends will ask you what you want and then you can causally mention it. If you ask outtight, you may be seen to be 'money minded'. In short, yes, its not right to ask outright for presents, esp those that cost like RM5k, unless a pool of friends / relatives are sharing it. The anology is that you print on your "Wedding Card", minimum andpow is RM250 per pax. How would you feel if you receive such a wedding invitation card. When you invite friends / relatives over for a wedding, its because you want to share your special moment with them or cos your parents wanted to invite them. And when ppl come to your wedding, the custom is to give some angpow to 'bless' the newly weds / help them financially. How much they give depends on how well they are doing and how much they value the relationship. Most good friends will give more than enough to cover the cost of the weddiing dinner (on a per head basis) and close relatives will normally give more. However, bear in mind, most of us are 'makan gaji' only, so you can't expect too much. But its your wedding and your friends / relatives. You know them better. Just my humble opinion.
  5. Dr Loo is a very hot Gynae. You just have to wait longer to see her. My mantra "Its your hard earned money. Don't give it to someone whom you don't like. Gynae is a very personal thing, If you are not comfortable with a particular gynae, its best to just change. You already gave him 2 recent visits. If only 1, maybe he had a bad day or you had a bad day. But 2, I would not go back for a 3rd time".
  6. Took my 2nd boy to another paed at Ampang Puteri, Dr Christopher Lim for a second opinion and check up. The physical check-up, i.e. the head size, length and others was normal and still within the range but for weight, he is at the bottom 25%. Had to do a blood test just to make sure everything is okay and just got the word that the blood test is also normal. Was advised to boost up his calorie intake and nutrients such as protein and iron. For protein, I am adding Myotein Powder which you can get at the pahrmacy. Its basically a protein powder that even adults can take, the difference is only the quantum. For iron, I am giving him some Iron supplements that the paed recommended. The paed also recommended addiing oil into his diet which my wife is not to keen so we wlll go slow with that. Also advised to give more protein food such as Fish, Chicken and higher nutrient milk such a Pediasure. Howwver, my 2nd boy does not like pediasure too much. Have to mix witht hs normal milk, else he will reject the pediasure milk. My concern is that the weight issue will also affect other developmental issues . Although my 2nd son is already one, he only looks like he is much younger. Also, he is not talking enough for a 1-year old so my immediate concern is to boost up his weight which will help in other growth areas. We only have a limited window of opportunity for the "Growing up Period". Hence, we have to maximise it.
  7. dear savanah, many thanks for sharing your personal experiences. My second son is active, when I come back from work, he will crawl to me and call me but as parents, we are responsible for our children's fate and future. Of course, God also comes into the picture but I just want to be sure that I have done all that I am suppose to. Managed to contact another paed at Ampang Puteri and will be visiting him tomorow (yep Saturday before Raya cos he is still open) for consultation. My son likes to eat other things except Milk.
  8. My older boy was very shy and is still quite shy for his age but his social skills has improved a lot since we send him to play school. Its only once a week for 45 min and although he seldoms talks to the other kids there, he is better with strangers around him and he will now hug the teacher at the end of the class. Regarding the hair saloon, I took my older boy to watch the barber cut my hair a few times and I would ask him whether he also wants a hair cut. At first, he would say NO and Scared but eventually he was okay. Just be patient.
  9. Dear Parents, Need help regarding my second boy. He just turned one but is only about 7.3 kgs. He is very under weight for his age and most strangers who see him think he is only 6-mths old. I think the reason is because since ever since he was born premature at 36 weeks, he cannot sleep through out the night, waking up every 2 to 4 hours. We trired everything that we know, changing milk bottles, formulae, having air-cond, no air-cond, fan, changing the mattress but still, is 2 am, then at 6 am. This is made worse by sometimes when he wakes up at night, he refuses to drink milk and wants water only. He also cannot sleep more than 4-hours even during the day at the Babysitter. We normally take him to see 2 paeds and both agree that he is very underweight but just ask us to be patient and feed him more. It has come to a point that as I parent, I feel that I will be negilient if I don't do something more. Hence, I would like to send my son for some 'medical test'. Google shows a couple of reasons from 'Lead Poisoning' though this is unlikely as my older boy who will be 3 is normal and we live in the same house. As a comparison, my older boy was close to 10kg when he turned one. Sleep Apnea a condition whereby the body cannot go into deep sleep but this normally does not affect babies. I have finally pushed my paed that I want to do some test and the paed needs to consult some of her medical colleagues will revert back to me after Raya. Appreciate any recommendation of good paeds in KL/Sgor area or any parents have experience to share. Many thanks and happy holidays.
  10. Dear Panda, I am not rubbing it in but it is a well known fact that you should only take an 'Official KL Airport Taxi' by purchasing a coupon from the Ticket Counter. How many times have this issue been highlighted in the Press. If you go to these touts, you run the risk of being cheated or even worse.... Anyway these so-called 'touts' are not afraid due to the 'tidak apa' attitude of our local law enforcement. But these touts can only survive due to people still giving them biz. Yes, the KL Limo Taxi which is not a Limo charges you more and the ride is not comfortable but the chances of getting ripped off is much lower.
  11. I though these problems only existed in Condos and esp in Penang. One way to solve this probem is don't renovate so early, as these Contractors typically only stick around for 6-months after the project has been completed. Also, many of these contractors are in cohorts with the Project / Site Staff but I don't think the HQ of the Developer will be involved. Too much reputuation to risk, so if you report, make sure you also report to the HQ. If you have to, threaten them that you will write to the Newspapers exposing such a practice. You should e-mail / write to the Directors / CEO of the Company but you will have to do some homework to look for their details. Most of the time, these contractor thugs only talk loud, I suggest you make a copy of your police report and paste in on your Front Door with your contact details blacked out so these contractors know that you made a police report.
  12. If I invite more than 5 ppl, my wife will say "You do all the preparation - cooking, cleaning, serving, etc". That works for me cos I can't cook, so I normally just invite some very close friends (and their wife and children) that my wife also knows and feels comfortable. My opinion is that your friends very "Mmm sek chou", you already gave hints that you are not keen but perhaps sometimes if you always go to their house for parties, they think its your turn to play host.
  13. May I suggest that if you wish to leave urgently to go to a shelter home first while you work out the longer term logistics. http://www.wao.org.my/ You may even meet some new friends there and can share a better apartment in the future. Safety first, then comfort and convenience. There is no shame in going to a shelter home when your safety and your kids are concerned.
  14. Summerice, you are like my wife, she does not like too many people coming over, just a few close friends / family is fine but a whole group is a No-No. So, if you have already decided that you don't want your group of friends to come over, just tell them that (i) your place is too small (ii) There is not enough parking in your apartment and with the rainy season, will be messy (iii) Your Neighbours are very LCLY, always complain about level of noise, etc. You kena complain when your family came over If you have children or a HB, you can use them as excuses, children will mess things up with so many strangers in the house, etc, HB likes peace and quiet.
  15. Give you a better suggestion. Make Police Report first. Knowing how efficient the Police is you can then ask your fren to call her and pretend to be a interested customer. Ask to come to house for masasage and you and your HB can there to ask for refund. If she refuse, then say, all of us go to Police Station now as a Report has been aganst her (Massage Lady) and the Police want to record her statement. Is she refuse, then you call Police to ask them to come to your House. Things to consider (i) Hope you have receipt (ii) Whose house to use - unless its a good friend, suggest you use your mum / IL-laws place
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