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  1. Hi pretty, please assist me in how can I remove my post? Tq

  2. Hi, I would like to be a vendor in MB. May I know what's the procedure pls? Thank you.

  3. Wish to hear from u soon, thanks a lot ya~ my email is warminee@gmail.com

    BTB - Jess :)

  4. Hi :) I saw ur post in Malaysia brides that you signed package with Victoria SS2 :) Im interested to get their package as well, but wish to collect more comments before i decide :)

    Will appreciate if you can share ur experiences dealing with them, and are you using Abbey as PG? If you dont mind, can send me ur package details and what are the freebies they gave? :)

    Oh ya, I

  5. thank you soo much dear ^__^ i'll check with them.
  6. i was wondering if there are more niche types of healthy home food delivery that specializes for people with specific needs delivering to subang jaya area. my hubby is doing chemotherapy and i need to find a a daily food delivery for both lunch and dinner + weekends if possible. since he is in a very fragile state i need a company which is really good and i dont mind paying as a small glitch in preparation could mean a serious trip to the hospital since he has a non working immune system. anyone??
  7. oh wow im so surprised that there are so many others that like it too. its one of my favorites....i usually cut it in half, dig out the huge seed thing/core? and just eat it with a spoon. i like it in salads, sushi, pasted on bread, dipping, etc. it has a fresh creamy but health taste to it XD kinda like mayo without the guilt. i did notice one thing about unripe avocados grown in malaysia as there used to be a tree at the place my mom works. never ever ever eat them if they havent turned all black and soft. unripe ones are sooo very very bitter words cannot explain the shock my tongue and i had bitting through a pice of slighly crunchy avocado. its so bitter my tongue was numb for a few minutes. surprisingly imported ones dont face this problem as i've tried semi ripe ones and they just taste a tad more crunchy n harder to remove from the shell/skin. if you're not used to the taste of it alone by itself, try mixing it with other food stuff. im the only one n the family who loves avocados and my mom just cant understand whats so nice about them that i keep bugging her to get them from her office...sadly the tree got attacked by termites and died =(
  8. we usually eat the roast duck at kepong's 'wai sek kai'. the shop selling 'sai mai lo' is just beside it. there are several stalls there but only one sells good duck the others are kinda lacking in taste. the area is kinda near the kepong KTM. im hopeless in directions and names of places so its about that vague unless ur familiar with kepong.
  9. after just reading your first post it makes me wonder if it were 10 years or 10 months because u both clearly have problems with communication or even sharing your personal views with each other. even making life choices or future planning seems to be lacking. i think all these are more important then renovating your house as i see it because at the rate ur both going there will be a house but no family to enjoy it if u both dont start really 'talking' to each other. im very disturbed with your comments about just wanting someone who will cook and clean. sounds more like u need a maid then a wife. plus all those comment about her not adding up to your ideals, why did u even get married with her when all ur saying is that u were just 'settling' for her when she didnt mean all that much to you...just ok..and even that 'ok' came about by means of your help or so you implied. as for saying she is lucky to have you..well i do beg to differ. think she'd be better off without you ...to be very blunt. you're just making both yourselves miserable. you're obviously missing the point of loving someone if u say they are lucky to even have you as a companion. as they say self praise is no praise. do you even have any feelings for her? you seem to be picking on all the little irks and petty stuff in a marriage, things newly weds find bothersome and are struggling to cope with. after 10 years...its a wonder how it lasted if it really was so much of a pain to begin with. as for kids, well, that's really up to the both of you and there is no right or wrong so i wont bother saying much other then 40 is not an easy age for a wife to have a kid and eventually look after till they head off to school. takes up a lot of time energy and not forgetting money. financial planning is just as important. just to put into perspective, below is a list of 'problems' u seem to think she has: 1)she not that attractive to me 2)she can't be rationale 3)you think she is fickle about her job and didnt inform u when she quit but u were clearly the one forcing her to quit in the first place. 4)probably the job will make her look smart, but she's not 5)insulting her capabilities to be a good example to kids/be a good mom (and i want a rationale wife, at least someone can think properly, if you gonna be some kid mother) 6)i hardly feel happy with her 7)and she's not really ugly, in fact, i made her look more beautiful (frankly if u love someone enough u will always think of them as beautiful. even if not physically.) 8)i consider her lucky to have me, she obviously never realize it 9)implying that she is lucky to have u because u are better off physically then she is. WTH!! why even bothering comparing both ur physical standing? is this a competition as to who looks best = who gets the last say? why is looks even the issue? is it because there is nothing left to compare in your relationship you have resort to comparing IQ levels and who is better physically endowed to be appreciated by the other more? listen to yourself speak and you might find the one not thinking rationally anymore with regards to the standing of this current marriage is you yourself. At this point it would be safe to say u'd be doing both yourself and her a favor by getting a divorce. i just hope she never has to read what you wrote should she really still be in love with you. its like finding out the one u married thinks so little of you as person of substance...lacking physically mentally and emotionally. depressing really. i do so love those 2 lines ^__^
  10. erloo babysiew, just a FYI as we usually PM him on his marcusheart account as he hardly login using mybrides. ^__^ i dont think its intentional and im sure u can easily contact him via his other account. i would also suggest a more direct approach to communication when dealing with matters related to cash for emergency cases such as yours for example when it would have been beneficial to have a contact number in hand. I'll help u pm him as well ok ^__^
  11. Okies ladies... some of u might know i have a thing for photography so anyways to cut a long story short, i stumbled upon this guys photos on Facebook and was blown away. think it wont be cheap and he does a lot of overseas shoots but OMG!!!! his works are really amazing. the kind that captures the essence and the moment, the kind that seas beauty in things. seeing his picture really makes me regret going for the standard wedding BS as we did have a big budget for it. If only i came upon his works earlier i would have engaged him. So for those who are willing to spend and like artistic photos this might just be for you. ^__^ For the record, i dont know who this guy is but his website in .hk so im guessing he is based in Hong Kong =.= one might argue that he takes them at overseas location so they look good. i wont deny part of the beauty is the places he shoots but its all so in my opinion that he seems more out of the box. i dunno i just really like his albums. wondering if hubby will let me take some personal portraits muahaha XD $$_$$ oh btw...i do notice his shots arent always clear n sharp but i guess its still good enough just to capture certain moments. some of the photos i fell in love with I really like the cropped version of this shot. its quite amazing and spontaneous. sorry for the photo spam ...couldnt help it gomen!~
  12. personally i dont think it really matters as long as you guys dont come from conservative families cause you already enjoy the freedom of being a close couple and probably could move in together already. Its only when peer pressure sets in and comparisons arise or inquisitive relatives poke their noses and sets some fires that long stable dating relationships dont last. I dated my Hb for 6 years and come from a conservative family. no trips together, no stay overs at his place, if he stays over he sleeps in the hall...etc...and we made it anyways.. If the two of you are happy and stable then time doesnt spoil anything..its only when u change your plans to suit the expectations of others that u break the stride you both set and agreed upon. me and hubby took our time as we planned everything including $$$ for wedding and a home. As for that comment on the guy loosing interest in the girl well....lets just be thankful they didnt get married and THEN he got bored of her. marriage isnt 5-10 years...most of us expect it to last our lifetime so seriously...if he couldnt deal with it as a relationship..he probably wouldnt have lasted long as her husband anyways so all the better for her. if you already share the freedom of a being a couple the only thing you should be worried about is getting used to living together after the wedding as it takes some getting used to as each has their little quirks and habits.
  13. Thank you citibankvisa for bringing this issue to light. We've taken the necessary precautions in removing all his links form the Pg list. Hopefully brides and other ladies engaging PGs will be more cautious and always ensure their safety first before all else. Money can be earned if its lost but physiological scaring will remain a lifetime.
  14. u can try online for people selling off second hand since they also only use few times. my hubby bought from domanchi since the price paid is the same at bridal shops but at least the quality is much better. the one we saw at the bridal shop was kinda cheapo since they know most couples will only use a few times.
  15. u can get them at Dexon. its at the main junction of petaling street. alot of fashion design students get their supplies from here. if u rmbr there used to be a coffee bean on the corner of that junction, Dexon is just next door to it. alternatively u can get them at the sewing shop in sungai wang..same floor as the tepanyaki restaurant.
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