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  1. Happy for all of you. Seem like I am the only one who has this feeling/ thought. It means all of you have a happy marriage and found what you really looking for. I didn't date with many guys. My HB is my formal first BF. I didn't go out with the guy that interested with me for two reasons. At that point of time, I was already seeing my HB, so, as sense of moral, I told that guy that I was attached. The second reason is, I see that he has different education background with me. So, I didn't further. Now, I was thinking what if, I be a low moral woman and flirt around. Perhaps it will be better. Thanks for all your sharing and opnions.
  2. ya, JL, I know what u mean with all the Chinese saying. I keep on thinking abt this as I can see those guys who are interested in me before are doing well with their spouses. And at the same time, my HB is not. That's make me have the fantacy of "what if". I know it was my choice at the point I got married. No one uses a gun and force me to marry.
  3. Dear Cracygal happy to hear that it turn out well. based on all the posting, i will say, we as a woman, must be strong. And I had just voted on the part Can your HB live without you. I won't say that you are selfish. Each and everyone of us has the right to live and choose our lives. If we are unhappy now, we shld try to make ourselves happy by various means, change of thoughts, change of environment, and etc. I do agree that we are not simply just pop ou the word "divorce" or "separate". But, if we continue to live in the stage of unhappiness, that's mean our lives are meaningless. I guess most of the Jee Mui here are age abt 20-40s. I really think that at this stage we shld live our live the fullest and the way we wanted it to be. If day in day out, we are at the case of waiting for HB to come home and he is late or rather he is always outstation and we know ourselves that we are the type we need him around and we will continue to depress. It is suffering. We shld choose the life that we want to live in. in fact, i face the similar situation like you. I also tell myself that I have certainlimit, once the limit is hit, I am sorry. meanwhile, of coz, most of the time, i have a lot of things to do or to occupied my time. SOmetimes, i also find that the journey after married becomes very lonely. as i said, we are the modern women, we shld be strong. i am sure, most of us here can self-sustain. Go on and choose the life u wanted and the life that u are happy with...
  4. ya, I agreed. This happened to my grandparents. But, I would say, if we are at 30s - 50s, this may not apply. And there are other scenarios, for example, if my spouse has an affair, I will soon adjust to be able to love without him. Or I must live without him, don't you all agree?
  5. Jee Mui Wonder anyone of you have thoughts of, "What if I have married the otehr guy, instead of my husband now"? These few months, I keep on having this thought.
  6. yup. agreed. tell her. let her know abt it and make a decision. prolonging the situation will end up even more painful. wonder what had happened to the world now? men r completely not trustworthy at all. disappointed.
  7. Ya, in a nutshell, all of us want a good man with good heart. As some of you also highlighted that, at times, it is far from what we have. Of coz, congrats to those who managed to find and marry the man who met all the criteria. :) Seem like all posted here r ladies. Wonder how the man think?
  8. dear jie mui would like to ask you all, wat's r the basic criteria of a husband? i just want to know BASIC criteria. below is my list : - loyal (no foya-foya) - honest - care abt me - able to take care of me wat abt you'll? sei sei
  9. hello Mbrides, I can understand how u feel. As most of them suggested, mayb u may want to find out why your HB is not happy. Or maybe, when u inform him abt your good news, he had a bad day lei. I also very happy to hear frens who r in teh family way. While looking at myself, donlt know when my HB will want a child. :( I will just tell myself to b positive and just enjoy every moment tht I have now. I mean, need not wake up in the middle of night, can be carefree...etc. oppss...starte dto tell my own story pulak. Well, Mbridges, just donlt think too much now. as you are unhappy, it will affect your bb and health especially at the begining stage. take care and smile. :) and b a happy mother to b again.
  10. I find that most of the time, people - not just men OR women - who cheat lack communication with their partners and understanding of what marriage is really all about. And this holds true for the person who cheats and his/her partner. Look at it this way, a person will not cheat unless there is something wrong somewhere. It takes two people to cause a marriage to breakdown, not just one. Adding on to 'lack of communication', i think another reason why we cheat is bcoz of insecurity feeling. Actually, it is really sad to learn that your spouse cheated you. I, myself cannot take it. If I found out that my partner cheated me, I will just leave.
  11. My hb always log in to porn websites. I am very disturb by this. Btw, it is normal for guys to surf porn?
  12. does ur HB view porn websites often? It is ok? I found myself very disturbed by this. :(
  13. Totally agree with Mish! "I thought as long as he/she is healthy that's what matters? " Allow me to add on "normal and healthy".
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