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  1. she didnt have any siblings,, she is my only child and her cousins is so far away from her so no one can compare with her.. I will try to starve her and see will she take her solid or not, thank for the suggestion. :)
  2. beautifulgown, her milk intake is 2-3 times aday and every 4 hrs I give her solid or milk.. I can't do what u suggest.. feel heart break.. I start her semi-solid when she 6 mths old then full solid when she 7/8 mths old.. during that time she will eat what ever I gave her and she manage to finish half bowl of it but when she at 10 mths old she try to be picky and now totally reject.. if worse come to worse I have to be hard to starve her..
  3. help... my daughter now don't even want to have a single scope of solid, once we feed her she will split out the food.. I don't know why this keep happening. last week I let her self-feed she manage to have half bowl of the poridge but after that day she reject solid again, I try all the way u guys suggest also no used, she just reject solid. I have no choice to replace milk. is there any other way to let her like solid or this is normal for her age?
  4. she have her favourate pooh spoon and plate. Now I try to let her self-feed, still the same, she play with her food more than eating it. think I have to try ur way, one spoon porridge and one spoon of milk,, will try it this weekend and see will its works or not..
  5. beautifulgown, I even try mcd porridge also no use. she eat what we eat, some times I will mash the food for her. I try lots of way to make her like solid food but I fail, some times feel that Im useless coz she don't want solid food. I ask her dr, her dr can't ans my question just said let her try to have solid food as much as possible. everytime come to solid food I will stress out coz she don't want it at all.
  6. hi crasygal, could it be she doesn't like the mash like food ? my son is 13+ mth now... he start to reject my mash like food even before his 1st birthday... since then I realize he doesn't like mash food anymore and he prefer food prepared in small chunk... of course u hv to cut the chunk as small as possible but definitely not in mash style anymore... I dont think it's anything do with teeth as my son dont hv many teeth though during that time... let try food in small chunk... I did cook food in small chunk for her, same thing she don't like it and get chuck and vomit easily. she only want her milk. till now her stool still watery. I did ask her dr, the dr said is normal for her stool coz she didn't have much solid food. at first I though she don't like my cooking but no she just don't like solid food, coz when we bring her out and give her solid she will reject too. Im really worried bout it, she is 15 mths now can't depend on the formula milk that much, she have to get her nutrition from solid food. I've run out of idea already. :(
  7. beautifulgown, her milk time is after her solid food, I top up milk for her coz she didn't have much solid. other then eggs, I cook mash potato, mash carret, porridge, toufu etc for her.. she don't like it.. :( don't know is it because she didn't have much teeth and her gum is pain?
  8. Hi all mums, my 15 months old daughter don't like solid food at all.. she only want her milk.. I try to feed her solid but she refuse to have more than 10 spoon.. some time less then 5 spoon she reject She also don't like to try new food so I only cook the food she eat which is egg.. is this issue normal for a toddler? Im worried bout her diet and her growth, any one of you facing the same issue as me? any way to make my daughter like solid food?
  9. I need advised.. my bb is 10 months 1 week now.. she don't like to have solid.. before that she like to have my cooking also my nanny cooking, after awhile (since 8months old) she reject my cooking.. I though my cooking not good so I try on it.. which I feel ok and its quite teasty too.. (but she ate nanny's cooking) now she dont want to eat solid at all even her nanny's cooking.. :( its almost a month already.. she don't even want those market baby food, cereal, biscute etc. I though she teething but I check she not.. Is it my porriedge cooking and recipe not good.. can any one help me on this..?? Im really stress up everytime come to solid food... she can't depends on milk all the time... I did ask her dr.. her dr said is ok as her weight is growing good.. but Im not confortable that she not having solid much..
  10. just find out Baby Kiko got warehouse sales from 01.12.11 - 04.12.11 here is the info: No. 1, Jalan Industri PBP 13, Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong 47100 Puchong, Selangor Tel: 03-8068 8888 From 10am - 5pm
  11. Hi All, Pureen will have a warehouse sales at their warehouse on 03.12.11 - 04.12.11 more information: http://pureen.com.my/Pureen-News/
  12. aggy, my daugther almost same as ur daugther... she like to sleep with breastfeed... I try not to let her do so.. so every time she fall asleep while breastfeed I will used a cold cloth to wipe her up.. if she very tired then Ive no choice to let her sleep.. some times she will sleep while bottle feed.. so I did the same way... my daugther don't like pacifier too.. I've tried lots of brand of pacifier too.. end up I bought her a teether (from MAM, the shape like a teeth gum) I let her bite while she feel sleepy.. she manage to sleep after she bitting it... so we use the teether as her pacifier... also I found out she manage to sleep tied and well on her tummy.. (we have to watch out her every single mins coz scare she will cover her nose and can't breath) how height is ur daugther now?? early of this months I bring her for check up.. she is 9kg and 70cm tall which in her 7mths old... her dr did not said she over weight.. her dr said she is a big size baby.. her size is at 10mths old baby... for me so long the baby is healthy Im ok coz they will maintain or lower down their weight while they start to craw or walk... don't worry too much... try to replace the water to the teether see... hope its will help ur daugther..
  13. I have serious gastrick too, my dr did not ask me to stop breastfeed when Im under gastrick medication. my dr ask me to have proper meal and eat in time, but my gynea ask me to stop breastfeed if can my PND (post-natal depression) become serious now and Im under medication (hai always under medication.. ) not only my gyne ask me to stop, the psychologist also ask me to stop beastfeed the main reason is the PND's medication.. but I have strong view to continue to bf my daugther (both dr said I can continue bf 8 hrs after the medication).. hope that I can over come the PND and continue to bf my daugther longer..
  14. wsyrinrin, I'm not good in cooking and I seldom cook so I plan to introduce cereal to her then only learn how to cook for her.. I plan to stop BF coz my health condition but I will stop slowly.. plan to fully stop when she 9 mths old My gal don't like to drink water... now Im worried after I introduce solid and formula to her.. she will have constipation.. not easy to be a parents.. I miss my parents now..
  15. it's not a must to give rice cereal, but it is a very popular first food for a few reason: - it's plain and not sweet so that babies can accept food with different taste later on? - it's easy to prepare - you can manage the consistency & dilute it to really watery when you first introduce solid and slowly thicken it to let your baby get used to thicker semi-solid; you can prepare very small portion when your baby first start, they tend to just take a few baby spoon, as compared to if you introduce avocado, it browns really quickly and you'll need fresh avocado everyday... if 1 avocado costs 5bucks... it cost quite a lot by the time your baby starts to love avocado A colleague gave me 'Only' organic rice cereal, which works fine and have no added stuff, but not so easy to dissolve in my warm EBM. Also, it's not iron-fortified. Now I use Bellamy porridge, which is finer and easier to dissolve, smelled great too. I didn't buy happy bellies as the can is much bigger than Bellamy's pack. I don't give lots of cereal so the Bellamy pack will last me quite long already. I think it's not the brand that matters but the ingredients in it, so whichever brand you go for, have a look at the list of ingredients to make sure there's no added sugar, potential allergens like wheat, soy, gluten etc qiqi81, thank u for ur reply.. will try to search on those products there's no added suger, potential allergens etc.. I have another question.. old ppl said solid will be 'heathy' for them and they must drink lots of water so that they wouldn't have constipation... how if my gal don't drink much water as she don't like to drink plain water.. is it I have to give her high fiber food instate of normal food so that she will not have constipation issue?
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