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  1. My best recommeded for every women or mothers to be to keep this wine! Any mommies or anyone here looking for 100% Pure Original Moa Kai Chow with Moa Kai (Moa Kai chick with it leaf also) & most refined high gred selective herbs inside each jar? At least pour out 880ml per-jar! Moa Kai Chow is a traditions Chinesse wine use specially for Confinement or Old Folks usage with problem or long term continuesly illiness of ~~~~energize, anemia, wind, headache, backache, numb, arthritis or boneache. Moa Kai Wine could be inheritance from mothers to daughters treasure! IMPORTANT is must always keep dry airtight and it could be keep as long as 100 years old! This wine actually is traditionally generated made from family to generations. There's only a few jars exclusively to be produce in every 5 years or 10 years because Moa Kai chick are extremely rarely to be found nowadays. There's no promises any available wine at all time but please try message or WeChat me @ bbyenna08
  2. Cheras Perdana Apartment Block D, E Located in Utama Tun Hussein Onn, Taman Cheras Perdana. Anyone who staying here or have any friends?? Please message me! Help are appreciated so much!
  3. Anyone or have any friends staying in this apartment? Kindly pm me! Help are appreciated so much!
  4. missy28


    LOve to reply on this topic! Actually nowdays not only the men are gatal fellas but actually is the women who are more cheaply offer them self for men! Believe or Not?
  5. Hugs to you Mei! i knows how you feel, Don't pamper him if he don't pamper you! The same for me too , my hubby can enjoy himself with his friends at mamak's stall & badminton twice a week. Untill i'm so geram of him, So oneday i punish him by asking him to take care BB for awhile i need to go salon for my hair cut and i know BB poo time should be anytime that moment. He had clean her poo with all the mess on his hands untill when i returned home he told me he wanted to cry! haha Sometimes Husband needs to be torture abit! Gives them a lesson so they knows how we feel.
  6. Hi meiteoh, As a fulltime hsewife now i really understand how u feel. To have yr own time back u must have alot adjustment to daily time table. Must be very patience & COOL down yr nerve to train! train BB nap time everyday without failed put bb to nap at 1.30pm by 2 or 2.30pm must sleep. (feed BB 1st sleep longer)BB playcot must have dolls to attention him/her (don't put all the dolls, keep some need to change time to time if he/her bored)don't always carry yr baby around try to let on his/her own more like on own bed, playcot or stroller (every BB likes to carry is like contract between parents & BB been done no changes! ALWAYS carry)for cooking learn simple way like how to use slow cooker, stemmer , pressure cooker & mirco cooking. For me, after market clean meat or fish ready on each tupperware.* meat try to marinate it ( can be keep till you want to cook)* vegie always prepare one nite ready for next day use. * sometimes buy or makes roast chicken , meat or fish (keep some can make for sandwich) On feeding time from infant till now, always on time! Infant every 2hr or 2 1/2hr milk/water time (daytime), every 3hr (nitetime) hungry or not feeding time must be on time!My Shyenna takes her nap everyday now, anywhere at 1.30pm (in sleep at 2pm) wakes up at 4.30pm or 5pm. Wakes up drink water, eat fruits, play awhile , take bath , eat porriage , play awhile & on bed at 8pm (sleep after 1/2hr or 1hr play on her own.(must have story or music on) then after sleep cd player & light off in her room!For me timetable are very important! On every afternoon i used it to nap awhile & clean hse or ironing (b4 i had part time maid) Now nap , surf the Net or cooking.For me too, always tired because i 'm on my own right after confinement months and so mess up with BB and my own time don't where to start !......... aaiyo want to cry everyday! And Dont EXPECT Help from hubby (waste of breathe) , always say u at home.... mah, why cannot maintain it , just a small baby also cannot take care....... bla..bla... Now Shyenna 1yr 2mths my hubby always tell her how daddy change her diaper,feed her & carry her! Taking all my credit!!
  7. Happy Birthday Natalyn! Pls. be more patience with each other! I think yr bf is too worry on yr wedding preparations only. As wedding there's lots of things to be perpare and money matters is a serious issue for both of you. So maybe yr bf trying save up the best for u on yr wedding day! Cheer up! u r going be a bride soon and later a wife, u must learn to have lots patience , lots communication , tolerance , understanding , consideration, give & take , trust & love to spice up each other and a marriage life! I hope all the best to both of you!
  8. hi ice_anise I have still keep some CL phone numbers and i hope it could help you! May jie - 0192096226 , Sally - 0163753288 and Lin jie - 0126745230 , 0173870620 or 0175967047.
  9. Hi Lady_Z! Welcome to MB this best forum that have all kinds of information on what you need to know.
  10. pls. relax yrself more and let someone share yr problem. Don't keep all to yrself, there's alot people out here to help and listen to you. Anyway the world is not that small!
  11. Hi Blutulip, Sorry to hear for the loss, Be strong and take good care of yourself... Me too, loss my baby girl last year due to early delivery at coming to 6mths. I stays at Assunta nearly to a month with my lower body up rise bed.We named her Pinky because she so pink when i naturally delivered her. I been tru so much to have a child and i lost her, i nearly wanted to end myself too but i have god in my heart , i keep on praying for a child and miracle happen! So i really knows how you feel like! You must take good care of yourself take good herb soup and rest more! There's no point keep wondering why did this happen to us? Keep up good faith on god, Miracle do happen! For me after 5mths i was pregnant again and we had a baby girl this year on July18th! We shall not forget our Pinky a part of family, we kept her in our hearts forever! Don't worry too much! Take care lots of hugs!
  12. Hi ogosdream, Facial cotton fiber not that lose so it don't come off easy, after each time milk wipe on the mouth and face only. Not into the mouth. Must wet the cotton with cook water first! Because cotton is soft than towel, i too use j&j shampoo and lotion last time but after using for sometime my baby got skin allergy. Try Eubos baby bath oil you can feel your baby very soft and smell good too! hehe ! Like Eubos sales person now! Just today i bought BUD's range too! Just use on my baby this afternoon and night time, she have no irritation and sleep very well too! So i will keep using Eubos & Bud from now on. Very scare already! :wacko3: B4 this we spend so much money on doctors and all kind of cream & bath shampoo. Have been using Ezerra cream b4 25g cost rm. 23 use less than a week.
  13. My line was bad yesterday so, i double post my reply sorry!
  14. Hi mummyally, Thxs! She getting much more better now! You're my baby rescue angel! heheh
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