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  1. how to shed? Need how many package? and what price?
  2. House of Favors Girls, there are many favors for CLEARANCE!! The favors are so cheap!! BTB, grab them fast. Offer valid from 1-7-2011 till 14-7-2011
  3. Why dont you try massage? Help him to relax. Besides it might help in igniting the fire within him. That's what i did last time when "demand" is lower than "supply"
  4. or maybe you booked a venue like resort? or beach? Then hire caterers?
  5. You can take pre-wed photos in BS or hire a pg and do a outdoor in casual. I signed a RM1.3K pre-wed package( indoors only) and having heaps of fun. Then on AD, other than AD ps, my sweet pg, Shen Yeoh, also took us to a park to do casual shooting. So i have studio shoots, AD and casual shoots. Love my pg so much.
  6. During pregnancy, my hair grew thicker and faster. mayb what Q had said..our Hormon. That time i also use ginseng shampoo bought frm salon. 1 week for EDD, i cut my hair really short. One, during pantang limited hair wash, so this is one solution to minimize discomfort. Two, shorter hair means the falling won't be significant to my naked eyes.. Now am in third week after May was borned. I think so far so good. Fingers crossed.. i cant bear the botak botak feel
  7. i thought it's more of the non sold base that's bad for baby's spinal. And also rough rocking can give brain a "shake" ?
  8. Now in third week, only got tiny spot now and then so am wearing normal long length pad instead of MADAME. Maybe forth week can start panty liner.
  9. Even natural delivery candidate like me also take bath lar.. But at the hospital i managed to wipe only coz still dizzy. Back at home i take mt 1pm bath everyday!! But my hair is once a week. Now i'm not taking ginger or herbal bath, just regular hot shower. If i pick 2pm to shower, the water itself already very hot lor, save money.
  10. with three questions already can write a report for uni? sure spammer liao Last i did a short report also need 7 questions. And thats just interviewing. Then write 3k words... for 30 mark only.. die or not
  11. Last time i used canon, the refill is rm10 for each color.. But mine is bubble jet. I think both same, just nd different setting for different paper source. the ink now very affordable lor. You might want to test print on that particular paper to see the outcome. Try to minimize our paper cost.
  12. what's a let down.. I waited for the nurse to do home visit previous day, but she nvr came, then i cant stand the pain.. so went to the gynae to ask for med. to stop the milk thus relieving my self... but gynae said if want continue also can, let baby suck . Hippo, From both breasts , i only have 4 drops of milk. Ally's mum, After med, they're geting normal by day... but the milk inside will subside back or i have to pump out? Will there be a lump? My MIL said since my breasts are nt officially "open ceremonied", the milk will subside. and might couse cancer when only there's a actual bf going on.
  13. why dont you try voice out your thoughts to your hb? My hb also not that sensitive, till my fren tld him how stressed i am at one time last year. If it hadn't been for my fren, i might enter tanjung rambutan coz hb didnt knw whats happening to me.
  14. I tried to bf, since nipples are small, so i used pump to stimulate. But after stimulation, the breasts became so hard and painful. The milk i not coming out... I pumped and only a few drops from each breasts.. now , how am i to relief myself frm engorged breasts b4 they turn "bad"?
  15. You can try hot cream massage with some simple indoor exercise. I did that last time, can really sweat, juz like oudoor. You have to google for those exercise fr lazy bum bums. I used to soak my feet in sea salt water, and covered with thick cloth. Then i started doing upper body exercise.. After soaking, then proceed to lower body. can really stretch~~~~~ wow..feel good too. After a bath, then apply cream/gel..wasah!
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