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  1. My mum is a experience confinement lady, anyone interested can contact her Description: 1. Cooks really good food 2. Support breastfeeding 3. Not calculative 4. Very friendly 5. She do Urut (massage) also ( addition charges ) If interested Call her 017-2694426 ( Madam Lee ) Thank you
  2. Babysitter Available Area : Desa Petaling Time :Day Care or Night Care Age : New born - kid Rate : Negotiable Available : Jan 2014 Introduction : Pet-free & smoke-free home, Clean environment, Can cook for baby, English , Cantonese & Mandarin speaking, Experienced babysitter Contact Info : 017-269 4426 (Mrs.Tan)
  3. I have a babysitter is at desa petaling only
  4. can i ask why i cant post a topic , i juz write that my friend finding a baby to take care and desa petaling got available babysitter . it cant post?
  5. hi all mummies, i have few tin of Anmum Essential Step3 1.7kg (normal) to let go coz my SIL is changing his toddle fm she brought at RM52 now she selling RM45 , any1 interested can pm me within klang valley
  6. Does anyone hear b4 YAKULT home delivery? or does any1 let their children drink yakult. Yakult is a Cultured milk drink is good for us, it have 30 billion good bacteria. It help us and children: *increases good bacteria and reduces harmful ones in our intestine *Reduces harmful substances (toxins) in our body * Helps us avoid constipation and diarrhoea *Helps boost our body's immunity in fighting infectious diseases and occurrence of cancer cells. now home delivery service is available at kuala lumpur, melaka and seremban only,
  7. mimossa, i got 1 sifu ,he gif de name quite meaningful and nice, Like my bb his name is Tan Kenjo Chinese name is 陳建州 . If u wan u can pm me i gif u the address ^^
  8. hi may i know the price Thank you
  9. i think now he was 6kg i also noy so sure, coz when he was at 2/9/08 his weight was 5.3kg
  10. escudo tat time dr check my bb just 3.4kg but duno y born out that time 3.73kg
  11. i think i use 1 1/2 hour to push the bb out, first time gif birth duno how to push and the head hard to push out too big T.T
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